Tuesday, April 8, 2014

El Tiburon is Waiting To Come Home.

El Tib is safely tucked away at Costa Baja in La Paz patiently waiting to bash north about 2,000 miles, then turn left and sail under "The Gate" (SF Golden Gate Bridge) to our slip in Sausalito. Darrell and 3 good friends will start their journey north mid-May. In the meantime, here is a requested picture of our gal.
It's going to be really really really good to have her
 back in San Francisco Bay.


  1. So, we pull into Costa Baja and see El Tiburon, looked for our pal Sparky and he was not to be found. The boat looked all put away, and we were right, sorry to have missed you! Lisa and Leif on Finisterra

    1. Hey There. Good to hear from you. Love your new ride! Are you Bashing back to SoCal? El Tib leaves May 15 SF Bay bound, then back to Mexico. Hope to catch-up in person. Sarah, Darrell and Spark