Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hello Santa Barbara!

Leaving Morro Bay
At sunset El Tiburon motored away from from the Morro Bay Yacht Club, a favorite spot for us with lots of reunions among old friends. Leaving the Rock to our stern with a light blanket of fog above and lumpy seas below, we made our way south. Further down the road, seas mellowed and gray gave way to a star-studded night. Surrounded by the brilliance of an endless array of stars convinces one that the presence of God is indeed unwavering, that all is well, and surely humans will learn to be good stewards of planet Earth. Safely skirting a number of ever-increasing oil rigs, we used the new AIS to hail a large rapidly approaching vessel off Arguello to avoid a near collision. We rounded Point Conception in the morning light and enjoyed coffee and blueberry muffins. A few hours later dolphins heralded our arrival to Santa Barbara Harbor. 
 By early afternoon we were settled in our SBYC end-tie slip with a great view of all the southbound boats headed for San Diego for Latitude 38's Baja Ha-Ha exodus to Mexico. The Grand Pooh-Bah of the popular event (182 boats are entered in the rally), Richard Spindler, has his big party cat, Profligate, tied up directly across the harbor from us.  Infront of Profligate is David Crosby's 60 foot wooden schooner, the Mayan.  Sarah first saw the beautiful Mayan in Key West after transiting the Panama Canal in 1980. The Mayan can now be yours for a cool mil, and another mil gets you her slip.
Heading South
Sarah has been sailing her boats in and out of this Pacific Coast gem for over three decades.  Sailing with the Man-of-My-Dreams and our four-footed friend, Sparky, aboard my most favorite boat is as good as it gets. We fall into bed each night exhausted, grateful for family and friends, a snug harbor for El Tiburon, and for the life we dreamed. In the morning we pinch ourselves to make sure the dream is real, and the adventure begins brand new. Next, we plan on visiting several of the Channel Islands en route to San Diego, but one thing is certain we will return to Santa Barbara next summer. In the meantime, Sarah is happy to celebrate her 60th birthday with Darrell's daughter, Hana, and later with dear friends, Chris and Connie, from Hawaii days now living in Montecito. 
Life is Good, VERY GOOD!

Fresh Stone Crabs

              Sarah and Hana                                          Virgo Girls: Sarah & Connie



  1. Looks like you are enjoying the adventure - can't wait to see you on the other side!

  2. Sounds great, Sarah. Like Carla, can't wait to see you! You and Darrell look so happy!