Thursday, October 16, 2014


Lots of boats, plenty of perfect weather, good friends, AND
Our Elegant ride, Morning Star
Mardi and D enjoy the ride.
Rich, from Salt Shaker, poses on the bow 
with crazy jet stream in the background.

It was a wonderful day. We had not been out on our Bay in nearly 5 years, since we left for the 2010 Baja Ha-Ha headed to Mexico. I LOVE the Blue Angels, they are everything good about America. They are also incredibly sexy. One thing is for sure, they certainly get your heart racing. Best of all, we got to enjoy the event with friends - including 4 other sailors from the '10 Ha-Ha. Mardi and Rich from Salt Shaker, came over from Sausalito to join the fun. We  assembled aboard Patty's beautiful 70 foot-ish Stephens Yacht, Morning Star.

Tasty Snacks!
 Angels Flying High
Flying in tight formation. 
A Flawless Day, blessed by Laughter, an incredible Skyline,
Tons of Boats, and Plenty of Patriotism.

Friday, June 13, 2014


El Tiburon is NOT for Sale!
We couldn't do it!
El Tiburon hanging out in Baja.

Cruising Along

El Tiburon at anchor in the Sea of Cortez

Sparky and El Tiburon in Puerto Vallarta

Main Salon
New Granite Galley
Master Stateroom Queen Bed, Aft
Guest Double Berth Forward 
Guest Head with Shower
Crossing Banderas Bay

We have owned and loved El Tiburon for 8 years. 
It feels like the end of an era for us.
Very Bittersweet.
Not sure what the next chapter will bring, 
but you can bet we are busy dreaming it up.

Me and The Spark Plug planning the next adventure.

Darrell already has a lofty vagabond scheme in mind.

Dream: TRAVEL, Blue Water, TRAVEL, Clear Water, TRAVEL.
Stay Tuned, The Adventure Continues.
UPDATE:  And, it continues aboard El Tib!!!!

Friday, May 30, 2014


There is a great story to go along with this 30 pound halibut, but that comes mañana.
Pat and the Halibut

Saturday, May 24, 2014

EL TIBURON is safe and sound in Turtle Bay, Baja

While Darrell and 3 friends aboard El Tiburon battled their way north in 20 to 28 knots of wind with seas to match, Spark and I had calm waters at the Kids Fishing Derby in the Sierra.
Saturday morning Kids Fishing Derby in the Sierra
Father and daughter try to snag a few trout.
Big sis and little brother look like the winners.
El Tiburon and crew rested well last night in Turtle Bay, sipping rum and cokes and eating Halibut and Spaghetti. They will continue the BASH north today in much lighter winds.They will head for Ensenada to check out of Mexico, with their next stop at the USA Customs dock in San Diego. Looks like another system is heading down the California coast, so at this time it is uncertain how far north they will get this next week. El Tib's slip awaits in Sausalito.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

El Tiburon is Waiting To Come Home.

El Tib is safely tucked away at Costa Baja in La Paz patiently waiting to bash north about 2,000 miles, then turn left and sail under "The Gate" (SF Golden Gate Bridge) to our slip in Sausalito. Darrell and 3 good friends will start their journey north mid-May. In the meantime, here is a requested picture of our gal.
It's going to be really really really good to have her
 back in San Francisco Bay.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

……...H O M E ……..

After a week of driving through Baja, SoCal, and NorCal, 
we are home in Mohawk Valley.

El Tiburon will be coming home in May.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Our sailing journey began in November.
Darrell and crew member, Nick, do a little fishing on the Pacific.

We sailed from Ensenada to La Paz - about 1,000 miles in 2 weeks time. A lifetime of experiences crammed into a brief moment in time. It was our third trip in 4 years. Would we do it again? You Betcha, next year!!!

Boating buddy Chris aboard Manuela, a Hylas 56, 
joined El Tiburon and Michael and Judy aboard Lunatica. 
Whales, dolphins, seals, jellyfish, tuna, marlin,seabirds, were also along for the ride.
 One of our friends
A few more friends

Our ultimate destination was the Sea of Cortez. Warm waters, turquoise sea, white sand beaches, lobsters, quiet anchorages, friendly faces, and brilliant sunsets.

The Sea of Cortez, where Desert meets Sea. Popularized by the travels of John Steinbeck and Doc Ricketts, celebrated by Jacques Cousteau, the Sea, is quite simply, our favorite place on the planet. Today, the Islands and Protected Areas of the Sea of Cortez in Mexico were inscribed as a World Heritage Site during the Twenty-ninth Session of the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO in Durban, South Africa. The area is made up of 244 islands, islets, and coastal areas located in the Sea of Cortez extending from the Colorado River Delta in the north to nearly 700 miles southeast to the tip of the Baja California 
Do yourself a favor and read, The Log of the Sea of Cortez.
Another wonderful Steinbeck tale, that rings true.
The relevance of the inscription of this area is due to its unique example of nature. Known by Jacques Cousteau as the “aquarium of the world,” this region contains a rich and diverse marine life - 39% of the world’s total number of marine mammal species and a third of the world’s total number of marine cetacean species. There’s no place like it on earth, and we know it each time we sail the islands and anchor in her protected coves. We were happy to purchase our annual pass for about $60.00 US, a great bargain for the privilege of basking in its sublime beauty.
One of our favorite sculptures on the La Paz Malecon
Jacques looking out to Sea 
We have seen whale sharks, gray whales, humpback whales, melon-headed whales, sea lions, schools of manta rays, a school of nearly 1,000 dolphins, turtles, wahoo, dorados, marlin, swordfish, flying fish, yellow fin tuna, a large variety of tropical fish, and countless sea birds. Every trip reveals something new to us.
Part of the catalyst for this designation was the purchase of Isla Espíritu Santos off the coast of La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico in January 2003. The International Community Foundation (ICF) and its donors provided $250,000 toward the $3.3 million purchase price, which also had strong financial support from World Wildlife Fund, The Nature Conservancy, and the Packard Foundation. President Vicente Fox issued a decree in January 2003 to expropriate the island for the federal government to be managed as a national park by the Mexican National Commission for Protected Areas (CONANP).
 We are not unlike the Paper Boat Sailor on the Malecon, always dreaming of distant ports. We have learned there are plenty of anchorages in the Sea to keep us busy for a few more seasons.
El Tiburon peacefully at rest in Los Gatos.
 Ensenada Grande Anchorage with sistership, Meridian
 Another crowded anchorage with Orion on the hook
Daybreak, a Nordhavn 64, our neighbor at Punta Salinas
Punta Salinas, Isla San Jose
Salt ponds at Punta Salinas
Sparky swims at Raza
Everyone's favorite anchorage, San Francisco
A sweet anchorage on the Baja mainland peeking out at Isla Santa Cruz
Did I mention lobster to order? The minute we dropped our hook, 2 lobster divers appeared to take our order for 6 lobsters. Two for us now, 4 more when our friends from Salt Shaker arrive in a week.
Arrachera and Lobsters with a fresh salad.
 Mardi and Rich from Salt Shaker flew in for lunch.
Balandra, scene of the lobster feast.
Cerveza, sun, and solar power.

On occasion the Mexican Navy will make a routine visit to the anchorages to make sure foreign and national vessels have all their paperwork and safety equipment in order. After 4 years this finally happened to us. It was no big deal, all was good and the marines were very friendly and polite and very mindful of not rubbing up on our new paint job.
 New friends.
Another reason to love cruising about the Sea of Cortes is the sunsets and sunrises. In fact, La Paz is quite famous for their romantic red sunsets.
 Sunrise at Evaristo
La Paz Sunset
Sunset on Isla Partida with Meridian
After many, many sunrises and sunsets, just as the weather starts to turn hot, it was time for us to head north to the Sierra. One thing is certain, we have a lot more islands and anchorgaes to explore in the Sea. 
Baja Geological wonders, The Sierra de la Giganta.
What do you mean, "It's time to go home?"
Don't worry Spark, We'll be back.
Can you find El Tiburon in the anchorage?