Tuesday, June 27, 2017

BOATS, size does not matter.

My boys enjoying our latest acquisition.
The perfect size to enjoy Humphrey's Concerts on the Bay.
All the better to see Chris Isak! And Pink Martini!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

WE'VE HERE, from NorCal to SoCal.

Approaching Catalina, always a welcomed landmark.
 The Isthmus.
 Fog, on it's cat-like feet, creeping over Santa Catalina Mountains.
Checking in at Avalon for our Guest Mooring.
Regardless of how many times in the past 4 decades I have visited Avalon, the casino is without a doubt, a sight that captures my heart and imagination. It's grand architecture transports me back to earlier days of glamour and colorful movie stars. Pure Romance. I've written about its Art Deco style and beautiful ocean ceramic tiles in earlier posts, so here's just a few shots of its splendor.

The Casino
Our view, of the Casino's magic at night, from Scrimshaw's decks.
Another Catalina fab fav, Nachos at the Sandtrap.
Two days later, we arrived at the San Diego Yacht Club. 
Another welcomed spot casting its charm upon me since 1975. This is the standard San Diego sunset, as seen from our guest slip. For the next week, we'll swim laps, enjoy fine dining, and visit friends while we await a more permanent slip at Kona Kai Marina across the way. Yes, life is good, albeit, a bit lonely without Hana and Baby Jack by our sides.
Back in San Diego, it didn't take us long to find our way to Gordo's in Chula Vista for a plate full of Al Pastor tacos. One more reason to LOVE San Diego. Only a dozen, or so, more of our favored restaurants to visit. 

Stop in and say "Hello" to Darrell Erickson at Suncoast Yachts, 
and see what he loves doing best, everything B O A T S.

Thursday, November 3, 2016


Scrimshaw is a tiny little speck on the Big Blue.
Scrimshaw heads south to points south.
Headed towards Point Buchon.

Saturday, October 29, 2016


We have been on the dock at the Morro Bay Yacht Club (a member since 1978) for 2 weeks, and have yet to grow tired of the scenery. Harbor seals, herons, sea gulls, and pelicans share our view.
Our view of "The Rock". 
We have a lot more window square footage on Scrimshaw.
Scrimshaw's dining area also gives us a bit more space.

We also are spending time with our grandson, Jack. We took a field trip to the pumpkin patch farm up on Highway 46 in the local wine country. We hung out with goats, rabbits, and ducks, but Jack's favorite animals were humans. Tons of kids of all ages running around enjoying the countryside.
As much as we adore being with Jack, it's the spectacular sunsets each evening that make our days fantastic. Living amongst tall pines in the Sierra mountains is wonderful, but we have missed breathing the salt air and watching the sun set over the Pacific. After being sunset deprived for several months, Morro Bay is the perfect spot to cure what ails us.
Sparky gets his feet wet in Cayucos.
Our first Morro Bay sunset.
A "Red Sky at Night, Sailors Delight", the next night.
Painted Skies
The calm before the storm.
A shared sunset following the rain.
These two faces joined us aboard Scrimshaw 
for cocktails and seared tuna tonight. 
Our cruising buddies, Betsy and David (Mystic), 
always make the sunset sweeter.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

ON OUR WAY, again.

Scrimshaw departs San Francisco Bay
Scrimshaw slipped out of The Gate with an early ebb tide yesterday morning. Darrell and Pat guided her safely around Point Sur to Morro Bay, where she will be for a couple of weeks. As winter approaches in the Sierra, we will make our way south, slowly, to Marina Coral. We have missed Ensenada's Vibe; the people, the food, the many happy celebrations of life, the peso to the dollar, and the warmer climate. We have also missed Marina Coral with its magnificent views, swimming pools, friendly staff, and its most excellent restaurant. Baja Naval is also on the docket of places to visit when the time comes. Next fall, we are on going with the CUBAR (aka FUBAR), sponsored by the San Diego Yacht Club, to La Paz, Baja. We REALLY REALLY REALLY miss La Paz, Costa Baja, and the islands in the Sea of Cortez. 
We're anxious to see old cruising buddies, who we hope don't mind hanging out with stinkpotters!

Monday, November 2, 2015


Our last anchorage aboard El Tib.
La Playa, San Diego
Our last weekend aboard El Tiburon was filled with sun and warm water and good friends and lots of fun and some sadness. The weekend was Bittersweet. We anchored out with our friends, Chris and Manuela, from Manuela, a Hylas 56. We are looking forward to sharing more anchorages together in our new Grand Banks Trawler. 

 The weekend included plenty of relaxing.
 We visited some Italian bathing beauties aboard Manuela.
 Enjoyed the local scenery.
Spark had a final swim from shore.
And one last cruise around Shelter Island.

If you see EL TIBURON in Mexico say "Hello" to her new owners, Rob and Jane.
And please give El Tib a pat from us.
She is a strong ship and served us well for 8 years!

And if you see a GB 42 named Scrimshaw, say "HI" to us.
 Clipper Cove, Treasure Island
Our 17th boat.
A fine example of Darrell's handiwork.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

- EL TIBURON - Let the Good Times Roll -

El Tiburon all cozy in Avalon, Catalina Island

Isolated Anchorages.
White Beaches.
Fishing Galore.
She Sails Beautifully!
And More Sailing
And Flying The Spin
Romantic Evenings
And Tons of Fun.

Achilles with 15hp and wheels.

New Hard Dodger Cover and Glass, Granite Counters Throughout, Decks totally Refurbished, Brand New Seafresh Electric Head, Manual Raritan Head,Topsides Painted, Achilles 11' Dinghy with New Chaps, Dinghy Davits, New Fleece Fender Covers, Rebuilt Autopilot,Full Service Engine with New Turbo, 2014 Raymarine Radar, Custom Mattresses, Imtra Lights, Frigaboat Refrigerator and Freezer, Newly Varnished Cabin Soles, New Main & Staysail, Stack Sail, Fans Throughout, Espar Heater, All Lines Lead to the Cockpit, New Dining Table, EPIRB, Avon Life Raft, Single Side Band, Shark Cutter, Max Prop, Quiet Rutland Wind Generator, 2 Solar Panels, Spectra Watermaker - Santa Cruz with New Membrane and Much More. Yikes, what a great boat! 


Thursday, February 12, 2015


We may not be in Mexico, 
but we are close enough for the real deal, Gordon's in Chula Vista.
Al Pastor, My VERY Fav!

El Tiburon has found a new spot that includes a gym, pool & spa, and it comes a restaurant that delivers to the boat. We love the Kona Kai on Shelter Island, we had an end-tie here 3 years ago, and its great to be back. We are close to the yacht clubs, chandleries, running beaches for Spark, long walks for us, lots of cafes, and an endless amount of entertainment in San Diego. Darrell's business is doing well, he's selling solar, wind generators, inverters, batteries, chargers, just about anything that will help manage your energy needs aboard your boat, RV, home, or business. Check out Erickson Energy Management at www.ericksonsolarwind.com.  
 Our Hood.
Big Boy Neighbors.
 Attessa, a 300 foot Fedship comes with a Rolls Royce.
The rich are NOT like us.
More of the hood, with  
Big Blue & Stars and Stripes in the background.
Another nice thing about being in San Diego
 is hanging out with sailing friends from Mexico.
Spark goes swimming as Fred and Darrell sail by on Tapatai.