Thursday, February 25, 2016


Love in the Mountains.
Life has treated us well, very well, and in ways we never imagined. First of all, we have been blessed with a beautiful, happy, healthy, bouncing grandson, Jack. 
Baby Jack at 6 months

After our sailboat, El Tiburon, sold, it took us about 5 minutes to close the deal on a Grand Banks we named, SCRIMSHAW. Yes, it's a powerboat. And, yes, it was a very hard decision. She's a stinkpot with good strong Lehman 135's. Two bedrooms, two baths, for family and friends.
It should come as no surprise, we miss being at sea and cruising around Mexico. We are keeping her in San Francisco Bay until fall, when we untie those docklines and head south. In the meantime, we decided to clip our wings and stay close to our family until next cruising season. We manage to satisfy our boat urges with monthly trips to Scrimshaw. We spent Christmas aboard, and anchored at Treasure Island for New Years. Cruising friends from Mexico joined us aboard and we built up some healthy enthusiasm for flotilla next November.
Darrell's love of varnish shows!
We traded in our winches for great views.
Chopping our Christmas tree after the first snow in November!
 We managed to stay home nearly 10 days 
to enjoy our tree before we headed to the boat.
 Christmas Day aboard Scrimshaw.
Introducing Young Jack to boating early.
Spark seems to like the accommodations onboard.
Captain D enjoys a wee taste of the sea - or at least SF Bay.
Scrimshaw anchored at Treasure Island New Years Day.
"The Scrim"
 Fellow cruisers build enthusiasm for a flotilla south.

It's basically been a landlocked winter, with short jaunts to the boat. Fortunately, we like being at home in the Mountains and the time it allows us to introduce Jack to snow. We have gotten plenty of GOOD snow - with lots of powder - and we have spent many days snow-shoeing in our neighborhood. Even Sparky appreciates a good romp in the the snow as much as he enjoys running on sandy beaches.
Can you see Sparky's track marks? 
Can you find Darrell?
 Snowshoeing in the hood.
Pretty Perfect!
Cappy (short for Captain) & Jack
Cappy keeps Jack snuggly warm.
All good things must come to an end, and the last of our most recent overnight 12" of perfect powder out our back door is quickly melting. The good news is, snow or no snow, there is lots to do in the mountains while we await our journey south aboard Scrimshaw.
 Hana and Jack enjoy the fading snow-capped mountains in the background.

Monday, November 2, 2015


Our last anchorage aboard El Tib.
La Playa, San Diego
Our last weekend aboard El Tiburon was filled with sun and warm water and good friends and lots of fun and some sadness. The weekend was Bittersweet. We anchored out with our friends, Chris and Manuela, from Manuela, a Hylas 56. We look forward to sharing more anchorages together - after we find our forever Trawler. The search is on….

 The weekend included plenty of relaxing.
 We visited some Italian bathing beauties aboard Manuela.
 Enjoyed the local scenery.
Spark had a final swim from shore.
And one last cruise around Shelter Island.

Our plan is to find a trawler with 2 staterooms with 2 private heads that will accommodate family and friends in the Pacific Northwest for a couple seasons before returning to California and ultimately back to Mexico.

If you see EL TIBURON in Mexico say "Hello" to her new owners, Rob and Jane.
And please give El Tib a pat from us.
She is a strong ship and served us well for 8 years!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Small Sailing DETOUR

A small sailing detour for a very BIG WONDERFUL EXCITING reason.
We have created a lot of adventures in our life, but this one, named Jack, is the BEST!
Jackson Charles Erickson
Future Yachtsman.
 Hana, Jack, Darrell & me
 Mimi & Momma Hana with our Blessing, Baby Jack.
At only 3 weeks, its obvious that Jack adores his momma. 
Darrell wanted to be called, "Captain". We settled on "Cappy"
Sometimes Spark is less than enthusiastic about his rival, but he's a good sport.
Bath time is a family event.
Had no idea how necessary our new kitchen facet would be. 
Notice those BIG STRONG hands for hauling up the main sail!
All clean and bundled up warm & toasty.
And complete adorableness!
What about me?
I bet you are hoping for a couple more cuddly pictures of Jack.
One Day Old with Mimi.
More Sleeping.
Sleeping Dragon, nearly 4 Weeks Old.
Time to return to El Tiburon,
and help get Jack acclimated to life afloat.
Jack, at 7 weeks, flexes his sailing muscles!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

- EL TIBURON - Let the Good Times Roll -

El Tiburon all cozy in Avalon, Catalina Island

Isolated Anchorages.
White Beaches.
Fishing Galore.
She Sails Beautifully!
And More Sailing
And Flying The Spin
Romantic Evenings
And Tons of Fun.

Achilles with 15hp and wheels.

New Hard Dodger Cover and Glass, Granite Counters Throughout, Decks totally Refurbished, Brand New Seafresh Electric Head, Manual Raritan Head,Topsides Painted, Achilles 11' Dinghy with New Chaps, Dinghy Davits, New Fleece Fender Covers, Rebuilt Autopilot,Full Service Engine with New Turbo, 2014 Raymarine Radar, Custom Mattresses, Imtra Lights, Frigaboat Refrigerator and Freezer, Newly Varnished Cabin Soles, New Main & Staysail, Stack Sail, Fans Throughout, Espar Heater, All Lines Lead to the Cockpit, New Dining Table, EPIRB, Avon Life Raft, Single Side Band, Shark Cutter, Max Prop, Quiet Rutland Wind Generator, 2 Solar Panels, Spectra Watermaker - Santa Cruz with New Membrane and Much More. Yikes, what a great boat!