Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Sparky loves San Diego too. Always has. 
Spark checks out the crowd at our second Chris Isak concert at Humphrey's.
We can NEVER see enough of Chris. EVER.
 San Diego Yacht Club in full dress 
for Opening Day.
Each yacht was spit and polished to the nines.
 Hanging out with Tapatai.
Darrell is a happy man aboard Mr. Scripp's fine yacht, Miramar.
Our Kona Kai Hood
Hanging out at The Vessel at the Kona Kai Resort & Marina.
Our favorite visitor aboard Scrimshaw. 
Jack looks a bit skeptical about the height, 
but the boy loves boats.
"Mimi's Boat" was Jack's first string of words.
Wherever Jack is, his favorite thing to do with
 Cappy (short for Captain) is to snuggle up and read.
We started indoctrinating Jack about boats early. 
His first Christmas, at age 5 months, was aboard Scrimshaw 
at Westpoint Harbor on the Peninsula. 
He also attended his first Christmas Eve Service 
at Stanford Memorial Church.

As doting grandparents, 
we take our duty to instill proper values seriously.
We are doing our best to insure Jack's love of yachting.

True LOVE in San Diego,
or anywhere.

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