Sunday, September 26, 2010

Things That Go BUMP In The Night!

At 4am I hear a sputtering engine, and then hear, "Grab onto the sailboat"!  I jump above decks in my nightie to see this 50' Swordfish Vessel on our bow. Fenders and many pairs of arms fend her off by a 1/2". Darrell is down below struggling to get on his pants - realizing his pants are my pants and thankfully do not fit - he makes a quick change and up he comes. His immediate concern is the 20' structure poised straight at our mast that is poised to slice it away from El Tib! We grab the VHF call the Harbor Patrol and a small powerboat pushes "Bear Flag" to safe dock and way-way away from us! Time to return to sleep, but instead D is up and ready to study for his Captain's License Exam.

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