Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Los Frailes

Los Frailes is the first anchorage on the Baja peninsula where sailors start to get a hint of the treasures that await them in the Sea of Cortez.  Once the anchor is dropped in 30 feet of clear turquoise water and safely at rest on the fine white sandy bottom, sitting with a favorite cocktail in hand, it is the first time that many of us begin to grasp not only the significance of the distance we have traveled, but begin to realize how much salt, sea, and wind will shape our futures. Our stories will be enriched by fellow sailors, but the depth of our being shall be forever changed by the Mexican culture, vibrant and colorful in everyway.

Big Beach Traffic

Plenty of Palapas for everyone

Hi-tech Lifeguard Station

New homes are cropping up everywhere on the Baja Coastline

Early one morning we heard a popping sound, just like loud popcorn. Pop...Pop....POP POP POP POP POP....Pop Pop Pop....Pop.....Pop......Pop. The juvenile Manta Rays were frolicking, flying, jumping, and playing everywhere. Dozens of them.

Manta Rays

Sadly after 4 days of fun in the sun, it was time for us to start moving north, further into the Sea. It would be a 7 hour trip headed into wind and seas, so an early departure was necessary. Not so bad considering the view on the horizon.

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  1. Love the beautiful pictures. Sounds like life on the Baja is treating you well!