Monday, December 27, 2010

First Light at San Evaristo

A San Evaristo fishing pango at first light

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. After a moderately strong westerly blew throughout the night in the anchorage at San Evaristo, resulting in us taking watches for much of the night, and with more winds predicted, we decided to raise the anchor and head towards La Paz. I was nervous because it was Friday, and take the old sailor's saying seriously about NEVER taking up anchor on a Friday for your ship will be cursed with bad luck.  However, Darrell reasoned that risking another windy night in the anchorage was less desirable than some unknown curse. So, at first light, as the first pango set out to fish, up came our hook.

The morning light shines on Arione

Art and Jaye, along with their two Burmese cats, on Arione led the way out of the anchorage. It was not the first time we have followed them. On the Baja Ha-Ha we had safely followed their stern into the pitch dark anchorage at Bahia Santa Maria. Obviously, we trust these folks!  Besides their Mason 44 is a very sweet stern to follow.

Looking back at the sleepy village of San Evaristo as we head south.

In the winter months the temperatures in the Sea of Cortez are cool in the early morning, thus Darrell wore a light weight jacket while waiting for the sun to rise. Isla San Francisco lies 9 miles south of San Evaristo. Unfortunately, the southwesterly winds made anchoring overnight at the island prohibitive. We will return in the Spring to enjoy that anchorage for several days. I had visited Isla San Francisco on a previous trip to the Sea, and it is one of my favorite places.  The anchorage is a beautiful cresent shaped bay with fine white sand and crystal clear blue water. So, it's not surprising that is a popular anchorage for folks.

Sunrise at Isla San Francisco

Arione reaches past Isla San Francisco and Espiritu Santo as she sails towards La Paz.
El Tiburon follows, but will hang a left at Marina Cost Baja.


  1. Beautiful pictures - we miss the island time!

  2. Fantastic pictures - that really was a fun trip (and thanks for the compliments).