Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bahia Chamela in Costalegre -" The Happy Coast"

Welcome to Chamela - and we were HAPPY -to anchor off the longest stretch of white sand beach we have seen anywhere. 
Spark happy to be airborne in pursuit of a white heron

Happy Camper
After an over-night passage and the anchor is secured, each of us has rituals we like to do  ashore. Spark likes to run until he is airborne in hot pursuit of shorebirds. I like to take a brisk walk the length of the beach, and Darrell enjoys a cold cerveza under a palapa after our walk.  Chamela met all our needs and lived up to its reputation as part of this section of the Riveria known as Costalegre or the "Happy Coast".

Another Happy Camper
The north end of the Bay is jamed packed with palapa restaurants and the pangas neccessary for delivering a bounty of fresh shrimp, octopus, clams, dorado, and sierra to serve to hungary customers.  Stretching miles and curving southward the white sand beach becomes less inhabited the further you walk. There are two RV parks overlooking the beach filled with snowbirds from the USA and Canada. Further down there are a couple of low profile eco lodges for beach bums and surfer types. And then out of nowhere pops up a magnificant villa with lush tropical gardens and a well-manicured lawn, and of course an infinity pool. In the middle of all this happiness lies pristine islands protected by Mexico's National Parks with tiny sand beaches bleached white from the sun with crystal clear turquoise water perfect for snorkeling.

The HAPPY walk took about 3 hours from Point A back to Point A 

Mexican beaches are always a healthy combination of work and play, good food, cold beers, loud music, laughing children, and friendly dogs.
Can you find El Tiburon?

Pangas - a happy marriage of form and function

Fishing nets, another form of functional art

Another example of art - David's lovely photo of the beautiful Betsy with her puffer fish caught while the 2 of them went fishing with Darrell.

After 5 days of pretty much pure bliss, we decided if we didn't leave soon we might never make it further south along the Costalegre to Tenacatita or Barra de Navidad. So, Spark got to enjoy one last spirited run down the beach chasing the shorebirds and Darrell and I had enjoyed one last fresh dorado meal with a cold corona con limon under a shaded palapa before pulling up the anchor.

One last sprint for Sparky
 And the white heron gets to look forward to a bit a peace.......

We'll be back to enjoy Chamela in a month.


  1. That first picture of Sparky is just fabulous!

    Looks like you guys are having a great time - sure you're going to make it back to La Paz next month?

  2. Sorry we are going to miss the rest of the Mexican Rivera. Maybe one of these days!