Sunday, March 20, 2011

Grand Bay Resort, Barra de Navidad, Costalegre

Grand Bay Marina and Resort in all its glory

Our last stop south on the Costalegre was Grand Bay Resort and Marina, Barra de Navidad. Ummm, lots of mixed feelings at this spot. Most folks love it. We always enjoy marinas for about the first 5 days, then start feeling a bit hemmed in. (We avoided anchoring in the lagoon because of the possibility of dragging when not on the boat). We loved swimming in the secret pool on the 10th floor, but missed swimming in the ocean. We loved walking around the acres of well manicured grounds and Spark loved running freely on pristine green grass without anyone yelling at him. He also liked having his own lagoon to swim. Darrell and I loved the burgers at the pool and we loved having the French Baker deliver way too many normally forbidden pastries to our boat as well. The little bell he rings to annouce his arrival is one of the most dangerous sounds in Costalegre. Think Pavlov.

For all these pleasures available to yachties the Marina at Grand Bay charges you dearly. Yet, they have no potable water, wifi, or cable. Sometimes they didn't even have unpotable water. They didn't even have a fuel dock because some way too big megayacht ran into it causing it to be shut down for weeks. For all I know it's still closed. And, it had started to get HOT and HUMID. Nevertheless, we did love seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Jim and Diana Jesse came and stayed aboard Music, and we got to know the folks on Tapatai. And we loved visiting the villages of Barra de Navidad and Melaque. And we were glad to leave the GB Resort and Marina 2 weeks later, despite leaving with 4 remaining days paid in full!

The "6 in 1" not so private pools

The private Secret Pool on the 10th floor, which the longer we stayed became not so secret.

Spark's very own swimming lagoon
Spark says "Adios" to the marina he loved for all its freedom. He had free reign of the place...except the human pools. So what's not to love about this place for us? All the freedom that Sparky enjoyed translated to "No Services" for us. In our minds, Mexico had become synonymous with "Friendly Service", Grand Bay Marina was the exception.

Gee, why do more boats anchor in the lagoon than in the Grand Bay Resort and Marina?

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