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La Te Da...Girls Lunch at Careyes

Sarah, Brenda, Jose our Driver, Betsy, & Mary Lou
For cruising women, "dressed-up" while at achorage means we accent our attire with diamond earrings, lipstick, a toenail polish! Woowhoo!

Chamela Gas Station
After a mostly Fab 6 weeks on the Costalegre it was time for us to return north to Puerto Vallarta in Banderas Bay. The trick is to wait for a good weather window before preceeding around Cabo Corrientes at midnight in order to round the cape when winds and seas calm down. There were a group of boats all waiting together at Bahia Chamela, but after 4 or 5 days, the girls were itching for a bit of sophistication and fine dining. Voila - Careyes Hotel was just a few miles down the road. So, Brenda, Betsy, Mary Lou, and I rounded up a driver, gassed up the van, and headed south, leaving our guys to boat chores. 
Filler up!
 Once at the hotel, we quickly ordered margaritas under the shade of the fancy palapa restaurant overlooking the infinity pool out towards the Pacific Ocean. Then we ordered a devine lunch prepared with all organic ingredients. I had a beautiful asparagus soup with fresh shrimp garnished with a peeled cherry tomato with sprig of rosemary. This eye popper was "anchored" to the soup bowl with a dab of mashed potatoes to hold it in place. Ingenious and simple. My hearts of palm salad was not only delish, but fancy! It had jamaica flower dressing - a gorgeous red adding a spike of color to the fresh greens. Mary Lou who worked with a caterer in Bainbridge Island calls the fancy stuff on the plate "Lipstick". I love that idea. "Plating" is an art that Mexico well understands. Dressed-up plates make the best of food taste better, of course no amount of fuss will make up for lack of savory food. No worries about that here.

 Our plates were all dressed up with "lipstick". And the food tasted even better than it looked.

My Hearts of Palm Salad

Looking towards the anchorage
After lunch we wandered around the hotel grounds admiring the chic boutiques and colorful gardens. (For more pics of the elegant Careyes Hotel and anchorage go back to the blog on "Careyes). Next, we slipped next door to the Mediterranean-style condo complex, and then over to the next little beach, La Playa Rosa, for some more photographs of the exclusive grounds. The combination of the landscaping, flowers, architectural style, and brightly colored stucco walls knock me out. If Mexico didn't get so gol darn HOT in the summer, I'd build a casita and live here year around. Everywhere I go in Mexico I see color used to empasize a dramatic image, sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. Whether intended or not, the image always evokes an emotional response. Mexico's deserts, jungles, beaches, colorful crafts, market places, big cities, and small villages present an infinite range of experiences that tickle all my senses. 

Another perfect view

A simple stairway becomes a work of art
I have been coming to Mexico for over 32 years, and the degree of change for the better I have seen is incredible. It is refreshing to see a growing middle class invested in educating their children about the importance of preserving their cultural heritage as well as protecting their resource rich environment. I can't imagine not having Mexico a part of my life.

The mural at the top of the stairs

A Very Romantic Setting
Next door to the Careyes Hotel are the dreamy La Playa Rosa Bunglows with it's individual cottages on green lawn overlooking a pink sand beach creating the serenest of settings. It is impossible for stress or worry to exist here. But, alas, our hubbies were waiting, and despite how much fun we were having exploring, we were all ready to return to our boats in hopes of sailing north back to Puetro Vallarta.
 More heaven awaits us.

Fun was had by all
I think all of us returned home with a desire to bring more beauty into our daily lives.

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  1. The colors of Mexico - love it and the love the pictures!