Friday, May 27, 2011

The Blue Lagoon, starring Sarah and Darrell

Exhausted from crowds of happy people at Loreto Fest, from bouncing up and down on the mooring night after night during a strong norther that blew in Puerto Escondido, and from the continuous hot dry winds dumping tons of dirt and sand inside and outside of El Tiburon we were anxious to find a quiet uninhabited anchorage. Many boats were heading further north for the summer, while a smaller contingency sailed in mass to La Paz for more bocce ball and potlucks along the way. We opted for a slower trip south and ducked into Bahia Aqua Verde and found only one other boat anchored in the Bay. Thankful for the solitude, we collapsed and went to bed early. The next morning we awoke alone in the Bay!!! Unbelievable and Heavenly. So much so, we stayed 3 nights despite needing to return to La Paz to reprovision for the impending journey north to San Diego. The dreaded BASH. But in the meantime, we played "The Blue Lagoon" in Aqua Verde.
Our very own "Blue Lagoon"
On the third day, the morning light cast its golden glow upon the bay illuminating pangueros as they made their way out to the channel to fish. We sipped coffee to the hum of their outboards while we planned our summer adventure. It wasn't long before the noon sun rose high in the sky increasing the ambient temperature and compelling us to jump overboard to cool off. Surrounding Aqua Verde peaks of jagged brown rocks worn by wind and rain cascade into crystal clear green sea. Bahia Aqua Verde; shades of green, turquoise, and sapphire blue waters teeming with life. Pale milky green gradually turns emerald as the depth increases. The lack of wind and waves has amplified the waters clarity today, we can easily see El Tib's chain and anchor lying 30 feet below in the white sand.
A profusion of colors at dusk in Bahia Aqua Verde
Sunset on the water surrounds El Tiburon
Following a full day of exploring land and sea, a bit of reading, and some boat chores, the sun dipped behind the mountains and Bahia Aqua Verde burst into layers of browns, pinks, reds, and muted mauves. In the distance we heard bells from dozens of dairy goats crossing the beach to scale the steep hillsides in search of dinner. At dusk, just off El Tiburon's stern a large manta ray skimmed the water's surface to Darrell's serenade of Amazing Grace on his flute. Layers of smoky gray mountains merged with darkening calm water as night drew near. Shadows of shapes and layers of colors define the evening Baja seascape. Moved by the evening stillness of desert and sea we climbed into the dinghy for one last survey of the bay now dotted with 14 other boats resting quietly at anchorage. As we glided across the water we sat in silence and watched a small school of dolphins, fins and tails silhouetted black against the darkening sea, gracefully disappear below the surface and suddenly reappear like magic. A thin sliver of a moon provided barely enough light for us to find our way home to El Tib. She was waiting for our return, faithfully as always. It was so still and dark that the sea appeared as black as glass, with the heavens above, a symphony of stars, and the milky way, the crescendo finalizing the days end.
                         A herd a goats cross the isthmus in search of dinner

Today brought us a coyote, braying donkeys, hundreds of squawking seabirds and diving pelicans, a herd of hungry goats, noisy roosters, a playful manta ray, barking seals, a turtle or two, and a ballet performance by dolphins. This familiar scene plays daily in Aqua Verde as a reminder of the awe and wonder of God's Grace.

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