Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Where Desert Meets Sea

Costa Baja Marina and Resort: Home Sweet Home
We found ourselves, once again, back at Marina Costa Baja enjoying the Infinity Pool, the many restaurants, old and new neighbors, their outstanding laundry service, and of course walks along Sparky's beach. In fact, we enjoyed Costa Baja so much we went on the real estate tour. The friendly ambiance of La Paz along with the proximity of the islands in the Sea of Cortez just about had us plunking down some serious cash for a slice of the Mexican pie. Alas, the summer heat convinced us that the California coast is pretty hard to beat for the months of June through October. We love both Mexico mainland and the Sea and decided that a boat is the best way for us to have it all. After nearly 10 days in the marina provisioning and waiting out a Norther (again) we were more than ready to swim in secluded anchorages and to soak in the raw beauty of where the desert meets sea.

Sparky checks out the campers at Ensenada Grande on Espiritu Santo

El Tib and friends at anchorage
Our first day at Ensenada Grande was perfectly calm, great for swimming and kayaking in the warm as a bathtub-baby-blue sea. The air was HOT! We shared cocktails and a potluck dinner with Katie and Chip from Miss Teak aboard Mystic. After a gorgeous red glow of a sunset it finally cooled down a bit so we could breathe. Later in the evening, after too many glasses of chardonnay, the infamous La Paz Coromuel wind whipped up from the south sending us scurrying back home to secure our boats. Those hot dry winds blew 20 to 25 knots all night. The next day it was time to pick up the hook and move further north edging our way towards Puerto Escondido. 

Chip, an all around American good guy enjoys a beer aboard Mystic.

We love sailing and we love El Tiburon, but someday when we are older, much older, we just may go to the "dark side" and get a stinkpot. We think a Nordhavn 46, just like this one, might be in our future when we get ready to do the Pacific Northwest.

mv/Discovery basks in the sunset where the desert greets the sea

Red Sky at night Sailors delight.

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  1. Hi honey! I think I want recipes for some of that food you are those Chili Rellenos ..have you figured out how to make them yet? Do you ever eat downstairs (or whatever you boaty people call that -- down under? In the cabin?) Or are all meals on deck? It is not 50 degrees here today, I know, don't say it. xoxo Love you!