Thursday, June 23, 2011

Homecoming, But No Prom Dress

Under a blanket of fog, Darrell, Pat, and Nick arrive safely in San Diego
Spark and I cooled our jets in the 1021 Scott Street Yacht Club Condo while waiting for Darrell and 2 crew - Sheriff Pat and Fisherman Nick - to BASH our home north. The 850 mile trip from La Paz took the boys nearly 10 days to reach the San Diego Police Dock. It wasn't all fun and games, but like most passages it was filled with some good sailing, laughing, and some wild wet rides. In the meantime, Penny and I met at the SDYC (San Diego Yacht Club) to commensurate about missing our men-folk. Penny's hubby, Fred, was sailing their 49' Jeanneau, Tapatai, up the coast a few hours ahead of El Tiburon. Here is a picture of me and Penny drowning our sorrows. You can see how lonely we were as we waited faithfully for our men to bring our "gals" home.
Penny and I toast our brave seafaring men from the SDYC
It's a strange experience being back in the USA after 8 months of playing along Mexico's Riviera with its golden shores and swimming in her turquoise Sea under the warm sun, but San Diego helps to take the sting out of the transition back to the "real world". Shelter Island is one of our favorite spots on earth to walk docks. El Tiburon has a new home on an end tie in Kona Kai Marina over looking beautiful La Playa Beach - situated right smack in the middle of SWYC and SDYC. No complaints about that part of re-entry. We are also enjoying reconnecting with many of our Cruising Comrades as they pass through San Diego to their various destinations, but know that soon we will all go separate ways as we return to our "normal" lives. Many of us are unsure of what lies ahead, but we do know that the experiences we shared will not be easily forgotten.  Darrell and I are confident that there will be a few more chapters of adventures with sailing friends we met in Mexico.
Happy to be cruising

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  1. Very happy to hear that all made it safely back to San Diego. Sounds like you are in good spot to enjoy all of the amenities. I know that we will see you again somewhere - we will be watching for you!