Friday, January 6, 2012

Our Christmas Present

Cabo Pulmo to the North

A Happy Christmas Cacti

For days a strong norther blew 40 knot winds 600 miles down the Sea delaying our passage from La Paz to Mazatlan and south to Puerto Vallarta. We wanted a 4 to 5 day window for the 400 mile sail, and it was looking like our departure to the mainland was not going to happen until after New Years. Needing a break from marina life and since it was Christmas we decided to treat ourselves to a spot not accessible by boat.

Cabo Pulmo is a part of Mexico's National Marine Park system

The main drag in the village

The prefect Christmas gift presented itself; a bungalow at Cabo Pulmo on the East Cape. A 3 hour drive south of La Paz, Cabo Pulmo is a small, rustic solar-powered community located on the edge of a wild and windswept bay favored for it’s remoteness and rural charm by those wishing to dive in its protected waters. Graced by the only living hard coral reefs in the North America, Cabo Pulmo is part of Mexico’s National Marine Park System. No boats are allowed to anchor in the cove and 2 stroke outboards are prohibited. It is a diver’s paradise. Kayaking, mountain biking, and hiking are also popular events. There are no discos. 
A Christmas customer at the local cantina
Residents, a mix of Mexicanos and gringos, prefer it’s low key quiet atmosphere absent of bright lights after sundown and fueled at night by a vast black sky filled with sparkling celestial diamonds. Pure romance for souls embracing voluntary simplicity, a concept we had written into our wedding vows 14 years earlier. Our bungalow, complete with 360 degree views of sapphire water, desert mountains, and glowing red sunsets was a perfect setting to remember the priorities we had established to guide our marriage.

Spark enjoying our Christmas Bungalow
Christmas night and all is well.
One of our neighbors to the west
Our neighbor to the north, El Encanto, a popular assortment of artful rooms to rent
Feng Shui comes to Cabo Pulmo

My Guys

It was a very Merry Happy Christmas for my guys at Cabo Pulmo. We promised to return for a much longer stay. The next time we bring our snorkels and dive gear!

In fact, it appeared that a Merry Christmas was enjoyed by all. Village kids with bigs smiles rode their new bicycles from Santa all day. 

Santa brought new bikes to Cabo Pulmo children
Taking turns


  1. What a wonderful Christmas. Cabo Pulmo looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  2. I want this for Christmas 2012....

    Happy New Year to you both and of course my friend Sparky

    Kim and Dan

  3. Love the photos! It looks great there.