Saturday, October 13, 2012

Our Winter Home - Hotel Coral and Marina

Our new home looks across Bahia Ensenada towards Punta Banda to the south, and the island of Todos Santos to the west. It's a pretty good view, yes? So is the view across Hotel Coral's pool to the marina and beyond. We use the outside pool and jacuzzi everyday. We also also use the indoor lap pool, 2 jacuzzis, steam bath and saunas. I prefer the outdoor seating at the hotel's restaurant, while Darrell likes eating carne asada quesadillas at the pool bar. Either way, we are both pretty content here. The indoor spa also offers us a hair salon and massages at a 30% discount:-) They also have THE fluffiest towels for their pool guests I've used anywhere. Now that's something to smile about.
It's easy to do laps in the cool pool here.
Or laps inside at the spa facility in the heated pool is good too.
There are beautiful stone sculptures throughout the tropical grounds. 
This mermaid poses next to the outside dining area. 

While we are blissfully happy with our new digs, it is the people that work here that make this the BEST marina we have ever been to. Hilda, Fito, and Fernando are just a few folks that make our daily life charmed. Leonardo and Victor keep El Tiburon's new 10 coats of varnish spiffy. The fellows at the front gates, the small army of marina workers that spit and polish our boat, the spa attendants, and the waiters - one and all offer the friendliest service with the happiest attitudes we have ever experienced anywhere. And that is quite a statement here in Mexico, where friendly service is a given. 

"And Sparky", you ask, "is he happy?"
 Of course, once again, cruisers and locals alike love the guy. There are also a variety of dog friends he plays with too. Spark has 2 choices next to the marina to swim, and a couple miles away is a L O N G stretch of beach that he likes to chase birds, recycle water bottles, and run after the ball.

Sparky's Beach looking south

Ensenada is not only a boaters paradise, but it is a commercial port and a working town. Tourism - outside of the cruise ships - has not been promoted, so the town remains more industrial looking than the glitzy improvements found in Puerto Vallarta. But, don't get fooled - this place is starting to boom. Lots of new construction of beautiful homes, chic cafes and restaurants, live music entertainment, universities, and even a Starbuck's offer evidence that it's just a matter of time, a short time, before it booms. Glad we got here early.

Looking north from Sparky's beach towards the commercial port.
Note the cruise ship just above the horse's head.

Another perk of Ensenada is its proximity to San Diego, 60 miles away, it is less than 2 hours by car, or an 10 hour sail. In fact, we are due to sail north on Monday. We'll head to Shelter Island for a couple of days before making our way to Santa Catalina Island for some R&R. Don't laugh, life hasn't been a total picnic here at Marina Coral, we have been working hard everyday on boat projects trying to keep El Tib maintained to our high standards. Our vacation north is well-earned. Before we leave, we go to the Legendary PEPE AGUILAR concert (tickets sell for up to $1,750 pesos) tonight with 3,000 other lucky fans overlooking the Bay at the Hotel Coral and Marina complete with fabuloso food and assorted local wines. Do not underestimate the caliber of the local wines! More evidence of a boomtown in the making.

Pepe's Musica es Muy Romantica 
 The Mushroom & Smoked Marlin Tempura was superb
and so was the L.A. Cetto Zinfandel

We are really pleased with the new granite in the galley and both heads. Now to get the leather upholstery done in the main salon and all will be spiffy.
Very pleased with new counters
The guest head waits for your visit!


  1. What a wonderful place. Sorry we haven't been there. Guess if we get back to Mexico, we will have to check it out!

    1. What do you mean "IF"? Are you becoming Hawaiians? Not bad work if you can get it!

  2. Looks like Paradise there in Ensenada. Love those pics of Sparky, he's really quite the ham.