Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Richard goes native - again. This time, it's with Tommy in Ensenada.

My brother Richard came to Ensenada and we did our best to show him our favorite spots. We started at Santa Tomas Bodegas for some Covelli’s wood-fired pizza and local red wine. The next day, after a nice swim and jacuzzi, we headed to Floresta for street tacos.  
Y U M !  
Fresh fish or shrimp served with a compliment of cabbage, cilantro, salsa fresco, pickled onions, radishes, peppers, and a variety of VERY spicy hot sauces. They just raised their prices to 12 pesos, costing us of total of $3.00 US for breakfast. 

Tommy gets a kiss from his sidekick, Mickey.

We drove out to the Estuary for a walk along along the Bay and enjoyed the spring flowers, shorebirds, quaint, and not so quaint to grande casas that line the beach. Inspired by the crisp clear day we decided to head out towards Bufadora - the famous blow hole at Punta Banda. After 3 days of steady rain the muddy-swampy-dirt roads short-circuited our trek.  Besides, we were side tracked by TOMMY the Zebra (aka donkey) and his perky side-kick perro. Both have been well trained to entertain tourists for 10 pesos. The dog jumps on and off the donkey’s back, gives him kisses, and together they strike many poses for the camera. Unfortunately, they move through their well-planned routine faster that I can work my camera. We have heard from old-time cruisers that the duo also rides the bus hoping for increased tips.

So many choices. 
We chose spicy olives for martinis and honey for tea.

Olives, Peppers, and Plenty of Spice 

This time I had my camera ready to snap pictures of the colorful olive and honey and tamale stands that line the roadside. Once again, I was charmed by the genuine friendliness of the local people that offer tasty local products to tourists. Mexicans - often referred to as Mexi- CAN Do’s - sell these flavorful homemade treats in a variety of familiar containers. Did I mention I LOVE Mexico and her people? I know, in just every post, I elaborate on the service minded, friendly, fun loving citizens of Mexico. It’s what keeps us here.

Tarta de Fruta
Well, that was a full day, but not over yet. Back downtown to our favorite lunch spot, El Mason del Don Fernando for Chili Rellenos.  Can’t forget dinner. So, up a few blocks thru town back to Santa Tomas Bodegas for some fresh Yellowtail Tuna and butterflied shrimp for dinner, finished off with a fruit tart from Hogaza Hogaza. Oh My, we are on a roll, and only half way through the weekend.
We watched some HBO Hitchcock movie, had a martini or two, passed out, and slept soundly.

Palm trees, vineyards, blue skies, and dos amigos.

The next morning - off we went to the Vinicola for some wine tasting. Ah, spring was in the air. Green, Green, Green.  Three-hundred and sixty degrees of palm trees, lush green mountains, freshly pruned vines, bright yellow lemon grass, and brilliant blue skies.
Monte Xanic

Vinas de Garza 
Our very favorite, and considered by many, the BEST winery in the Valle del Guadalupe, is Vinas de Garza. The venue is captivating and Senor Amado Garza, is a handsome, charming, and yet unassuming vintner. He is a refreshing change from the pretentious Napa Sonoma snobbery. He is also a very good friend of our dentist - Dr. Ortiz - who is a great dentist and a vintner too! We made a couple of more rounds, had lunch, and headed home a for a little R & R, Bar-B-Qued Shrimp, and watched “The World’s Fastest Indian” with Sir Anthony Hopkins.

We enjoyed lunch at Rancho Maria Teresea

Alas, Monday morning arrived, and it was time for my brother to catch the shuttle back to San Diego and time for Darrell and I to start packing up for our trip north for a bit more remodeling of the old homestead. We’ll be back to Ensenada, El Tiburon, and Marina Coral late April for the Amanda Miguel and Diego Verdaguer concert. More eating, drinking, musica, and fun to follow.

You can also see September 2012 post about Vinas de Garza, the Valle de Guadalupe, and the Ruta del Vino. Tres Mujeres is another fine winery we encourage you to enjoy.

Fine Vino Tintos served at Tres Mujeres


  1. Beautiful pictures and beautiful weather - happy to see everyone having a great time!