Saturday, January 18, 2014



If you see this sign on Highway 1 between La Paz and the East Cape, 
yell, "DETOUR!"

Caffe el Triunfo

We took a Road Trip Caravan with Arione and Vela to Triunfo for lunch and a lazy stroll taking photos in this quaint village tucked into the mountains. Triunfo, once a major mining town has some interesting artifacts including 2 tower chimneys build by Effifel. But, first the real reason we drove for an hour......

The inside decor is just as fantastic as the food!
From the parasols on the ceiling to local art everything is splendid.
D checking out the pastries at Caffe el Triunfo.
Upstairs hideaway, saddles to crystals.

The face behind all this creative genius is just as artsy as the caffe. Harley Davidson enthusiast, Marcus Spahr maintains a strong presence in the caffe. Originally, an Oakland CA native he moved from raising fresh produce in Todos Santos to Triunfo 4 years to breathe new life into the caffe.
Marcus Spahr, owner
 The magical kitchen where fresh bread is baked daily.
Mesquite fired pizzas from the stone oven will be our next meal.
One reason to return.
Another reason to return.....the dining area is al fresco. Set in private little alcoves on different levels and scattered amongst flora and fauna. I know I am beginning to sound like some advertisement, but really, this place tinkles all my senses and sensibilities.
A private spot, good friends, good food.
Carol & Richard, Happy Customers
Art ponders lunch, Pulled Pork it is!
Me and D slipt an order.

Feeling very content, we decided to push the envelope and go for Chocolate cookies. Jaye, a most excellent baker herself, takes a close at the pastries. 

 Choices, choices, and more choices.
We got the walnut, cranberry sourdough bread on our last trip.

After a long leisurely lunch, it's time to work off a bit of all that deliciousness. The old mining town is picturesque and deserves a lot of attention. The girls grab their cameras and the guys takes the dogs. Sweet.


  1. WOW. I lose my normal fabulous articulateness when looking at these photos, and only the one word will do. How are you getting away with having this be your life??? xoxo Love you, hugs to Darrell!

  2. I would have loved to share a meal here with you!