Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Cerralvo Island
Welcome to La Ventana
La Ventana is only a 45 minute drive from Costa Baja in La Paz. It is one of our most favorite spots to walk the beach and then enjoy a bit of lunch. The water is clear, clear, clear. The color is sapphire, indigo, and green. The wind blows through the Cerralvo Channel everyday at noon. Which is why wind surfers and kite surfers camp out for weeks at a time on the pristine white sand beaches. When the wind isn't blowing in the morning volley ball is the sport de jour. Young and old flock here to chillax. Actually, not a whole lot of relaxing goes on, the inhabitants of La Ventana are major well-toned and tanned sports enthusiasts of all ages.

Huge sweeping beach with layers of watercolors.
Spark likes the Ventana vibe too.
Lots of ways for dogs to dig Ventana.
Campers play V-ball waiting for the wind to come up.
Kites are ready to fly.
Voluntary Simplicity Shower
I took this picture 2 years ago, today the number of campers has tripled. Like most of Baja, everything is booming down here. More tourists, more campers, more sailors, and more traffic in the main cities. I think you all should go to Hawaii and leave this piece of heaven for me.
This camper has it figured out. 
So does this motorhome.
Cupulas and windsurfers. Must be after noon.

Lush Landscape surrounds a palapa roof.
 La Ventana has recently been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and this strip of “Where Desert Meets Sea” is a perfect example of why Jaques Cousteau referred to the Sea of Cortez as the “World’s Aquarium”. This expansive bay with its long stretch of sandy beach hugging sapphire waters calls to us every time we sail by. We are always careful to plan our passage up and down the narrow Cerralvo Channel at first light to avoid the high afternoon winds that funnel between Cerravlo Island and the Bay.  Once a sleepy fishing village, Gringo snowbirds from USA and Canada winter here in everything from tents to campers to eco cabins to luxe homes. I am sure the locals are happy to see summer come and the gringos go. This next place fits right into the fishing village theme. Right?  Just because you can, does not mean you have to!
Miami Vice does Baja.

One thing is certain this Gringa Sailor will be back.

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