Saturday, May 24, 2014

EL TIBURON is safe and sound in Turtle Bay, Baja

While Darrell and 3 friends aboard El Tiburon battled their way north in 20 to 28 knots of wind with seas to match, Spark and I had calm waters at the Kids Fishing Derby in the Sierra.
Saturday morning Kids Fishing Derby in the Sierra
Father and daughter try to snag a few trout.
Big sis and little brother look like the winners.
El Tiburon and crew rested well last night in Turtle Bay, sipping rum and cokes and eating Halibut and Spaghetti. They will continue the BASH north today in much lighter winds.They will head for Ensenada to check out of Mexico, with their next stop at the USA Customs dock in San Diego. Looks like another system is heading down the California coast, so at this time it is uncertain how far north they will get this next week. El Tib's slip awaits in Sausalito.


  1. Hope the weather calms for the rest of the trip. No more bashing!

    Glad you and Sparky are doing well!

  2. hey, wishing Darrell and friends safe journey back, will el tib be based in sausalito or alameda?, we may be over this summer,

    kim and dan