Saturday, December 27, 2014


Darrell at the helm, with his co-pilot, Pat, by his side headed SOUTH.

This picture was taken a couple of trips ago in Mexico as the boys headed up the coast of Baja. I am pretty sure they both have a lot more clothes on this time around. They sailed under the San Francisco Golden Gate in clear, but cold conditions this morning. Currently, thanks to Vessel Finder, I have them off Monterey Bay motoring at 7 knots on a course of 161 degrees south. They should arrive at the Morro Bay Yacht Club before noon tomorrow. Darrell and I had romantic dreams of returning to SF Bay, sailing past the city front, visiting Sausalito, and anchoring in all our favorite spots, but, in reality, we miscalculated how spoiled we had become in Mexico. We like sailing in shorts and jumping off El Tib into warm clear blue water, basking in the sun, drinking cervezas, and grilling fresh dorado as the sun sets. So, we have changed course, and decided to take our girl south. I know she'll be happier, and so will we. We love living in the Sierra Mountains, sitting beside a cozy fire with Sparky next to us watching snow quietly fall in our little forest. The hot tub is also a pretty good spot to watch it snow with stars overhead. But sailing, now we know, is meant to be enjoyed in warm waters under blue skies. 
Two lives. Mountains and Sea. 

We will wait for the next weather window, and set a course for Santa Barbara, Marina del Rey, San Diego, and possibly on to Marina Coral for the remainder of the winter. We will split our time between Mountain and Sea.

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  1. Excellent plan. Hopefully, Moondance will be back in Mexico along side of you - one of these years!