Tuesday, November 22, 2016

WE'VE HERE, from NorCal to SoCal.

Approaching Catalina, always a welcomed landmark.
 The Isthmus.
 Fog, on it's cat-like feet, creeping over Santa Catalina Mountains.
Checking in at Avalon for our Guest Mooring.
Regardless of how many times in the past 4 decades I have visited Avalon, the casino is without a doubt, a sight that captures my heart and imagination. It's grand architecture transports me back to earlier days of glamour and colorful movie stars. Pure Romance. I've written about its Art Deco style and beautiful ocean ceramic tiles in earlier posts, so here's just a few shots of its splendor.

The Casino
Our view, of the Casino's magic at night, from Scrimshaw's decks.
Another Catalina fab fav, Nachos at the Sandtrap.
Two days later, we arrived at the San Diego Yacht Club. 
Another welcomed spot casting its charm upon me since 1975. This is the standard San Diego sunset, as seen from our guest slip. For the next week, we'll swim laps, enjoy fine dining, and visit friends while we await a more permanent slip at Kona Kai Marina across the way. Yes, life is good, albeit, a bit lonely without Hana and Baby Jack by our sides.
Back in San Diego, it didn't take us long to find our way to Gordo's in Chula Vista for a plate full of Al Pastor tacos. One more reason to LOVE San Diego. Only a dozen, or so, more of our favored restaurants to visit. 

Stop in and say "Hello" to Darrell Erickson at Suncoast Yachts, 
and see what he loves doing best, everything B O A T S.

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