Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pelican Bay, Santa Cruz Island

The 4 hour sail across the Santa Barbara Channel to Santa Cruz Island was one of the BEST trips so far.  Large pods of leaping dolphins playing at El Tib's bow, a warm 15 knot breeze kept our 3 sails full letting us enjoy a hull speed of 7 knots. When we arrived at the small bay 2 other boats were already tucked in for the night. Pelican's is serene and peaceful, but a bit rolly for sleeping. Darrell caught a fish, Sparky learned to do all the tricks necessary for a successful passage to Mexico, and Sarah stared into the horizon and chanted, "This is what I was born to do". 
The charter boat, Conception, was filled with a group of painters who spent as much time kayaking, swimming, frolicking, and getting massages on the top deck as painting the scenery. But what the heck, they had rented the boat for 2 days, and had been doing this ritual for several years! Think I may "come back" as a Santa Barbara painter of Santa Cruz Island.

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