Saturday, October 23, 2010

San Diego; Our kind of town

La Playa Beach, Shelter Island

We love San Diego. More specifically, we love Shelter Island and Point Loma. Sarah lived in Pacific Beach (PB) for several months in 1975, and El Tiburon is the 4th boat that she has brought to the San Diego Yacht Club since 1979. So, it feels like home here. Darrell and Sarah have been coming to San Diego almost yearly to look for the "perfect" boat or to vacation for nearly 15 years. Now Hana has moved to San Diego. Even Sparky thinks it has the friendliest people & dogs, as well as the BEST swimming on the coast. So, don't be surprised to find us here most of next summer. When we first arrived we stayed at the South Western Yacht Club, a great club with lots of nice folks. Then we moved to the SDYC about 10 days ago. There is a wonderful-gorgeous stretch of beach called La Playa that connects the two clubs.

San Diego Yacht Club

That's a real bird on the Mermaid's head!

Entrance to the SWYC

Spark's Slice of Heaven

California Kelp

Pacific Beach & Entrance to Mission Bay

Not all of our time here has been fun and games, there has been major purchases of new (yes, more) electronics, a "lazy stack" added to the main sail, and literally truck loads of food & drink for the 10 day passage stuffed into El Tib. Sarah must have done about 20 loads of laundry and made 50 "To Do Lists". In between, we have managed daily to exercise Spark, swim and jacuzzi at the club pool, and have some good visits with Hana. Sarah's brother, Richard, arrived yesterday in time to celebrate his 55th birthday. This morning Darrell put him to work sawing and sanding. The 3 of us and Spark depart at 11am Monday - probably with a bit of drizzle, and hopefully not rain.

Wine, Beer, Rum, or Acetone?
Bye-Bye Sparky's lawn

Farewell San Diego

One last greasy burger for Rich, D, & Hana

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