Thursday, October 7, 2010

Santa Catalina: The Island of Romance

Upon arrival at Avalon the Harbor Patrol greets you, collects your mooring fees in cash, and assigns a mooring. Very efficient. The island is a paradox of peaceful and bustling, simple and extravagant, mega yachts and small boats of all kinds. The common denominator; everyone is friendly and seems to get along well, even when moored in fairly close quarters. The crystal blue sparkling water is warm enough to swim. And we did.

The first order of business for us after El Tiburon is secured, is to get Sparky ashore ASAP for a run and a romp. Next on the "ashore agenda" is locating local watering holes for good drinks and yummy food. And in Avalon that is a pretty easy task. The hard part is locating your boat among hundreds of others....but first you have find your dinghy!

Where's El Tiburon?  Hint: Look for the orange kayak.

There is plenty of island charm.

You can own a piece of the rock, but, it doesn't come cheap.
A 50 foot mooring goes for $798,000.00

Here's a couple of reasons we will be returning next summer.

Some of our favorite new friends.

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