Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sparky's Perspective on Cruising

Watching the Manta Rays Jump Around
The most important things to me, as many of you know, are running, swimming, my family, and sleeping under a down duvet. I also enjoy a good tennis ball, my favorite stick from MVYH, and my fluffy lamb plushy. So far, I have been denied none of these things, so Mexico works pretty well for me. Here are some pics to prove my point.

My ride, and favorite piece of furniture

It's a Dog's Life! Woof!
Sometimes I get to be at the helm, but I don't steer much, I let the autopilot do the work. No matter who is in charge for the day, we always end up at some pretty good places. Quiet anchorages, or fancy resorts, I like 'em all. For those of you who thought Darrell and Sarah were crazy for taking a Vizsla with them on this wild excursion, I'm here to put that myth to rest. This is a great life, and not just only for dogs. 

Kayaking is just one of my many talents

Costa Baja won't allow Vizslas in the pool, that's me giving Evil Eye at the far end of the Infinity pool.

I have lots of time to think
Getting my sea legs at a young age

Nothing like a fast run on green grass at a swank marina
Well folks, I am just about out of stories for now, and it's time for a swim. If you get down my way, come look me up. I'm the happy red dog they call, SPARKY! Just ask for me, everyone here is getting to know me pretty well.

I'll be looking for you......
Frank and Mary, bring some chicken breasts. Vinnie, my BVF, no one plays like you. Cap't Diane, I miss you! Dinah and Roger, save some cookies for me. Trevor, let's play ball. Trisha, I love the way your voice winds me up! And to Oli, my big bro, I miss you, man.


  1. I always wondered what a dog's perspective was!

  2. Well, said Sparky. So happy to hear that you are enjoying Mexico!

  3. Marsha & Steve s/v Spirit, Alameda, Gate 11December 6, 2010 at 12:48 PM

    We took our dog Cindy with us to Mexico and it made our trip. We met more people on the beach walking her. She loved to catch crabs on the beach. Well, actually they usually caught her lip, but it was a hoot!

  4. arf arf wooop woop wop roooof fooof wap wap your tapper friend in the states

  5. Sparky, I am jeolous of your life. I miss you too! So sorry I missed your call too. Have not figured our how to post a comment so hope this works. Please send your email address to me.
    Capt. Diane