Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Todos Santos: A Coastal Oasis

What's not to Love?
 Nestled between the desert and the green Sierra Laguna Mountains, Todas Santos was intially founded as a Mission in 1724. Later, Todos Santos became known for it's production of sugar cane. Today, this Pacific Coast Oasis is best known as a thriving astist colony. It's cobblestone streets, many art galleries, fine patio dining, and it's old world architecture make this charming village not only a popular tourist spot, but a haven for gringos wanting to retire south of the border. The pristine beaches - only an hours drive from either La Paz or Cabo San Lucas -attract bird-watchers, hikers, kayakers, fishermen, and surfers. Unfortunately, the shoreline with its glaring white sand beaches stretching into the bright blue Pacific is frought with a nasty undertoe. Nevertheless, the coast is dotted with many colorful and creative homes....which in my mind require swimming pools. If one is industrious enough, I am told, some safe swimming can be had in the nearby lagoon. For us, the search for the perfect Mexican community with the perfect little bunglaw for the summer months continues. But, I'll gladly return to Todos Santos for a stroll and a good meal anytime.
 As always, the tour of any Mexican town begins with the
 Church on the Plaza.
The perfect spot to commune with God

The fabled Hotel California
You can always checkout, but you can never leave!

A mural depicting the history of Baja Sur

All that sight-seeing made us very hungry and especially thirsty. We found shade under a cool palapa and enjoyed a very delicious meal (Chicken Mole for me, again) and ice cold margaritas all around at Los Adobes. They had great service. Even Sparky was served cool water in a bright red bowl! After our meal we walked through their beautiful succlent and cactus garden framed by swaying palm trees.

Wherever we go - there he is...The Spark of Life

Refreshed and rejuvenated we were ready for more exploring - so off to the countryside we went. It was about 5 dusty blocks from town to the beach. Bumpy and winding roads lush with bougainvilla, palms, mango and banana trees at every turn, and plenty of "For Sale" signs dotted the neigborhoods.

A big beautiful lot, waiting for its new owner. Is it you?

Another great deal waiting for its new owner.
Miles and miles of pristine sparkling white sand kissing deep blue ocean.

The beach looking north

The beach south, towards Cabo San Lucas

Jaye in the middle

One thing is certain, North or South, East or West,
Baja has stolen my heart!



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  1. Love the beautiful photos - looks like you had a wonderful visit to Todos Santos!

    I agree, the Baja does steal your heart! I now know why people come to visit and stay.