Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy in La Paz, BCS

No doubt about it, we are happy in La Paz.

La Paz, the capital of Baja California Sur, is a vibrant city. We love her beaches and mountains, her architecture and art, her shopping and sidewalk cafes, but its her friendly people that knock us out the most!  The Malecon (promenade) stretches for miles along the sea and is a lively gathering place on the weekends for families to enjoy a variety of festivities including live music. On warm evenings, lovers stroll hand-in-hand along the Malecon taking in the breathtakingingly beautiful La Paz sunset.

The Malecon

One of our favorite things about Mexico is the abundance of public art for all to enjoy, and the Malecon in La Paz is no exception. The prolific artist, Octavio Gonzlaes, from Jalisco, is largely responsible for the bronze sculptures along the Malecon. His works of art do a perfect job of capturing not only hearts, but the essence of La Paz. The castings range in size from 5 to 11 feet.

My photography doesn't do justice to the whimsy of the three musicians

Conch Shell

"Christ of the Sea"

Everyone loves the Mermaid & Dolphin
The anchorage at La Paz is in the background.

One of everyone's favorite things to do while walking the Malecon is getting a helado (ice cream) to help keep you cool. As much as we love coco helados, we live for chorizo and eggs for breakfast or pollo mole for lunch works too!  This is one of our favorite little stops on one of the side streets facing the sea.


Darrell ordering breakfast?

La Paz at dusk, otherwise known as the cocktail hour.

So, are you convinced that La Paz rocks? The main reason we feel so at home here is the cruising community - a group of comrades - OUR PEEPS- who share their love for the sea, and Mexico, and one another. There is a group that meets for coffee every morning at 9am at one of the marinas. There is a yoga group too. There is a VHF radio channel that links people up with all things boat related. Then there are daily Single Side Band Nets that keep old friends in touch, share the weather forecast and which anchorages are the best bet, and also offers help to those in need. All this, and plenty of margaritas, good food, and loads of laughter too.  Yachties from all walks of life, power boats and sailboats small or gigantic, just folks sharing a common but, realized dream.  And, I am here to tell you, the reality is far better than the dream.

The 3 Graces: Pam, Ana, & Crit at Subasta

The cruising community may be tight, but is not a closed community. A local cruising club sponsors a fundraiser, called Subasta, every year to raise money to help educate the children of La Paz beyond the mandatory 6th grade. Crit, the lady on the right, BTW, is single-handing her Passport 40, Jasdip (Just another shitty day in paradise). Three lovely and remarkable women!

 Humbly yours, Sarah

P.S.  I forgot to show you another reason we love La Paz, the beaches/anchorages.


  1. You love every spot you stop at in Mexico and I love your real dream. No pictures of Sparky but lovely ladies. Hi to Ana too. Thanks for the call, bummer the connection was poor.
    Capt. Diane