Friday, February 11, 2011

Let The Games Begin.........Mexican Train Dominos

While we were still living in San Francisco Bay our good friends Trisha and Derrick introduced us to Mexican Train Dominos. They assured us that ALL the cruisers play in Mexico and we if we wanted to be invited over to a boat we had better learn to play. So I went to Amazon dot com and found no less than 50 kinds - two days later I decided on a set with a handy plastic carrying case, brightly colored dominos, a nice track, and a train that whistles when a player is unable to make a move. My set also came with 2 chickens, but we have yet to figure out what to do with them. The game can be long, so drinks and dinner are always included. Here are pictures of our ritual aboard Mystic in La Cruz.

I like to think of us as the 3 graces; me, Beth & Betsy

Betsy served up a devine dinner, as always. Salad, Satay, & Fruited Couscous
Betsy is a most exceptional hostess. Always plenty of wine, great food, and lively conversation. She is also a very gracious hostess and welcomes Sparky, even says he can come inside. Unfortunately, for Spark, I am not so inclined and usually make him stay outside. Of course, being the social beast he is, he sulks. I bring his bed and blankie, and lamby too, but he is not happy with that arrangement. Later in the evening after I had a bit more wine, he finds his way inside.
The uninvited guest sulks outside, at least he has his lamby.

And now the real reason we are gathered together;
                                Let the Games Begin!

It appears the train is winning. No matter, we only play fun. Right. Then explain why David is so darn serious, contemplating his next move as if his life depends upon it.

David is getting serious now!

Norm must have a winning hand, why else the big grin?

Why is it the men are always so competitive?
I can hear them laughing, the 3 graces do a pretty good job at cutthroat dominos too!

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  1. What a familiar site! Trisha was right, it seems like many boats and many homes here have a Mexican Train in them. Next, you will want to try Rumi Kub, our latest addiction! Keep hving fun you two! Miss you in La Paz.