Monday, February 14, 2011

Road Trip: Punta Mita and Sayulita

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 After being in the La Cruz Marina for a week, we decided it was time for a road trip. With Darrell at the helm, we drove to the high end resort area of Punta Mita. Plenty of good shopping there! I got a bright cherry red Mexican embroidered dress I had been searching for and we did a tiny bit of sight seeing before heading north to Hippy-Chic Sayulita.

Punta Mita

Beach dining in Punta Mita
We had rented a big hillside house in Sayulita for Christmas vacation a couple of years before, and despite getting outrageously sick there, we were anxious to return to see if any changes had been made to the surfers paradise. Sayulita once a small Mexican fishing village, is now a fairly international winter haven for Gringos. Beautiful artistic homes with lush tropical gardens dot the hillsides and line the beachfront.

Since our last visit some good changes to our way of thinking have occurred. It is one of the few places in Mexico that appears to have prospered despite the American propaganda claiming it is unsafe to travel in this lovely country. BTW, which everyone here agrees is a bunch a bunk. Anyway, the streets are better maintained, recyling is everywhere, the mangy dog population has been curbed, and now poop bags are available on the beach for the mutts. Hurrah! Shops are cuter than ever and the street dining tastier with a vegetetarian flare. The town all the way around looks cheerier, brighter, and happier, but unfortunately, the result is a crowded beach.

Everything from yoga to burgers is available in Sayulita
 Perhaps one of the reasons that Sayulita looks cleaner is all the new rules that are being enforced. Good, but also kinda weird since it's still a basically hippy kind of town - young hippies and rich old hippies alike seem to be have found their nirvana here. 

Crowded, but everyone seems happy anyway.

For our crew, it wasn't the beach that was the hit, although the pretty girl in the left side of the picture did not go unnoticed by our Captain. Speaking of the Head Honcho, Darrell gives a big thumbs-up to the Cheeseburger in Paradise at Monchi's he enjoyed, and Spark found a Canadian VIZSLA girlfriend. Something for everyone. For the second time in Sayulita, I was able to pass up the South Sea Pearl necklace.....Darrell won't be so lucky next time through the town.

Double Your Fun - 2 Vizslas!
Cheeseburger in Paradise!

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  1. We have been thinking of busing over from La Cruz - guess we are going to have to go!