Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bahia Tenacatita, Costalegre

 Careyes screams money, but Tenacatita - a favorite spot for most cruisers - reminds us aging hippies of the finer times of the 60's.  Laid back and mellow, but with tropical jungles, a single palapa restaurant on the beach, the grandest of sunsets, and lots of potlucks. Tenacatita offers what we all came 2,000 miles to find. 

Spark gives Tenacatita a "paws" up
The one Tenacatita exception to the groov-a-delic feeling of the past is the Blue Bay Resort lying in the most eastern curve of the Bay. This all inclusive resort caters mostly to Canadians who are just as happy as the rest of us to spend a little sun time in this hidden  spot far away from the maddening crowd.

A collection of aging hippies sport cars clutter the beach
Tenacatita is also a favorite of Mexican families who enjoy camping on the beach. Above the hill overlooking the Bay is a motor home park for American and Canadian snowbirds who brave the Mexican highways and dusty dirt roads in pursuit of winter warmth.

The only palapa on the beach

Darrell serves up the volleyball
Every Friday night for as long as anyone can remember, including confirmed reports of 10 years ago, the self-appointed Mayor of Tenacatita and his lovely wife, Virginia (both former residents of a commune) calls to order a major raft-up of all cruisers in the anchorage for a potluck and sharing of stories. This particular night was his grand-daughter's 3rd birthday and he was moved to ask for "birthing stories".  For me, as psychologist and an ex-Esalen groupie, loved the idea. Darrell, not so much. However, being the good sport that he is, shared the story of our adoption of Sparky! What a hoot!

The Mayor from sv/ Harmony calls the Friday night raft-up to order

Betsy and David join the group

Sparky in the middle of everything
The mayor's son-in-law, an anesthesiologist from Washington, blows the conch to start passing around the shared food

Time to get eat!

Pickles anyone?

My boys, Darrell the storyteller and Spark the Vizsla

The bra that started it all
The good vibe at Tenacatita is a catalsyst to all sorts of socializing. Volleyball games, raft-ups, jungle tours, Mexican train dominos, potlucks, and birthday parties. A couple of nights after the Mayor's raft-up, Mystic, Sarah Jean II, and El Tiburon joined forces to celebrate Beth's 50-something birthday. There had been a standing joke between the 3 of us about my matching bra and earring ensembles. Hot weather, salty clothes, and windy nights limit the amount of time spent on making fashion statements amongst the female cruising community. Most of us are simply relieved to forget make-up, shoes that pinch, and styled-do's. Besides, there is little time for much of an effort - we are way too busy swimming, eating, exploring, and napping. On occasion, I have felt the urge to "get girly". Hence, I wear a brightly colored bra with matching earrings. Betsy and Beth had laughed at me several times when I bounced aboard the dinghy sporting my new "look". So, when it came time to come up with a gift for Beth's birthday, Betsy spotted a "bra bar" in La Manzanilla and knew exactly what she wanted to do.

Betsy bought Beth a bright purple bra and I made her matching earrings. Norm got her the stunning sterling silver starfish necklace. Her birthday was a huge success and fun was had by all.

The 3 Graces celebrate Beth's 54th birthday

Beth makes a wish....but kept it a secret

Once again, the evening in Tenacatita ended with a splendid, nothing less than a spectacular, sunset.

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