Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jungle Trippin', Tenacatita Style

Our jungle ride was fun, but alas, no cocodrilos were to be found. Guess that's the good and the bad news. The most risky part of the trip was crossing the bar at high tide to avoid crashing into rocks at the channel entrance to the river. After passing that jungle test we had to be careful to constantly duck under nasty mangrove branches that threatened to poke our eyes out.

Much of the trip was navigating through a thicket of mangroves, as well as keeping watch for logs disguised as cocodrilos. After a few miles the mangrove tunnel gave way to a clearing that allowed us to stop and take some photos. We also met up with a family from sv/ Hana Crew/ (aka Windfall). The main destination that lies at the end of the river was once a favorite spot for jungle trippers to stop and have a cold beer and a taco under the shade of palapa bars. However, and most unfortunately, last year the group of local entrepreneurs offering resfreshments to cruisers were "run out of town" with shotguns by privately hired guards. The rumored reason was the owner of the land wanted it "cleared" to be kept for himself.
Who knows, the last we heard, about 2 weeks after we left the guards were gone and once again cruisers were free to use the beach. Go figure. Guess we will learn more of the story when we return next winter.

Avid photographers & my favorite shutter bugs

Jungle Friends


We Played Follow the Jungle Leader

Private Guards "protect" the deserted palapas from curious and thirsty cruisers. We waved and they tried hard not to smile, but smile they did. Just doing their job. Lucky for us there is another game in town, the palapa restaurant that lies at the entrance to the jungle, so back we traveled, risking life and limb in search of cervezas and tacos. After such a strenuous jungle journey, we really deserved a refreshing treat.

The only game in town, and lucky for us it was good!

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