Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bahia Aqua Verde

Aqua Verde, Very Clear Aqua Verde
Bahia Aqua Verde, a large picturesque bay, lives up to its name, Green Water. The green water is crystal clear and perfect for swimming or snorkeling. The water's clarity inspired Darrell to use his new huka gear to scrape El Tib's bottom free from the barnacles that grew way to fast in the bathtub warm waters of the Sea. More than a dozen Pufferfish circled the boat in anticipation of a free meal as tasty tidbits parted company with El Tiburon's hull. The beaches were filling up fast and furiously with caravans of Mexican campers coming to celebrate Semana Santa, or Easter Week. Aqua Verde is also a favorite spot for cruisers; with distinct 3 anchorage coves it offers protection from both southerly or northerly winds.  

We enjoyed the peace and solitude at Aqua Verde.
The reward after a hike over the hill and down the valley to another pristine beach
We bought another couple of lobsters from the fishermen and grilled them on the BBQ! 

The next day we took an early morning hike over the hill as a coyote stood watch in the distance. They are shy creatures and stay clear of humans. We descended downward on a rocky path through the dry desert landscape, past an old graveyard, and continued into a valley of goat farms. Across the valley roosters crowed and donkeys brayed at our approach. Less than an hour later we reached a trail leading us through a date palm oasis to a pristine beach. Great hiking, clear warm aqua water for swimming, and lobsters. Little wonder this anchorage is loved by all in the cruising community. Aqua Verde is filled with sea life; pods of dolphins, schools of colorful fish, manta rays, and a large variety of noisy shorebirds. There was also lots of evidence of hammerhead sharks killed by local fisherman for their meat. 
This hammerhead shark actually looks happier than he is.
In addition to all the sea life, free range cows and bulls can be found grazing on the beach - one bull was enjoying the roof of a palapa for his meal. There are also herds of dairy goats, their collar bells ringing as they scale the rugged hillside in pursuit of dinner. The local goat cheese is a favorite of the visiting yachties.
Typical Aqua Verde beach scene, complete with a tasty palapa
All that, and good shell hunting too!
A sample of today's catch.
One of our most serene and favorite anchorages.
A fisherman heads home after a busy day.
Dusk in south cove
A group of catamarans traveling south together enjoy life anchored in the south cove in Aqua Verde. We will be finding our way back to the peaceful waters of Aqua Verde.

We'll be back!
Sunset Perfection captured by Darrell.

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