Monday, May 23, 2011

Heaven on Earth; Los Gatos Anchorage

El Tiburon rests peacefully at Los Gatos
Los Gatos is one of the most picturesque postcard perfect anchorages anywhere. Think RED! Red rock, red dirt, red vizsla, and lots of red LOBSTERS! It took Manuel no time at all to find us. Manuel is a bit of a legend to cruisers. If it's hot he may need a cold beer before his dive, if it's chilly after diving, he may need a sip of tequila to warm up. We were ready for him, we placed our order for 2 lobsters and he delivered in time for a tasty dinner. $10.00 US per HUGE lobster, no problema. 
Senor Manuel
Happy Darrell
Cooking live lobsters is not fun, you feel guilty as heck, and almost promise never to do it again. And then, you taste perfection smothered in melted butter and garlic. And the guilt dissolves and you start thinking about the next lobster fix.
Just add melted butter and garlic
Los Gatos is a favorite anchorage for cruisers not only because of the lobsters, but the Bay is drop-dead gorgeous. An expedition of camping kayakers from Alaska lined one of the beaches, while 3 or 4 other boats joined us in the anchorage. There's plenty of good swimming in clear waters, shell hunting on white beaches, and rock climbing. All that and lobsters too! Did I mention the lobsters? How about the spectacular scenery?
Deep blue waters,a green valley, painted mountains, and my man!
Sparky agrees that Los Gatos rocks!
So do the Alaskan kayakers, this was their 2nd trip.

It's hard to beat the sunsets at Los Gatos.
The elegant Elisa, one of our favorite boats. She's a lobster boat from Maine.
A fading sun casts its glory on Los Gatos

Eventually we had to leave Los Gatos.
So we headed a mile or so south to Timbabiche.

Timbabiche at sunrise. I love that name. Timbabiche. 
An old abandoned villa, financed by a very large Pearl from the Sea, still stands regal. 

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