Monday, May 23, 2011

Desert Trek

The small fishing village of San Evaristo, nestled against the dramatic Sierra Giganta Mountain Range, is the perfect spot for a desert trek with friends.
Our destination:  a desert oasis, a working salt mine, and and a view to die for, literally.
The captains and the first-and-only-mates of Mystic, Tapatai, Ana, and of course El Tib, along with the now infamous sailing Vizsla, Sparky got up early for a little hike through the desert to the backside of the fishing village of San Evaristo. We walked past tall Cardon cactuses made grand by springtime blooms, past a couple of mellow mules, and past the school - standing empty because of Semana Santa, Easter Week Celebration.

Two-by-two off to the salt mines.
The proverbial Salt Mines
Can you find shovels? Or the sailboat mast?

There was much to explore; David, Darrell, and Spark follow the trail along the water.
Mary Lou, Betsy, and Penny hunted for seashells, I took photos, and Fred and Joe wandered over to the old cemetery. Darrell took a moment to soak in all the beauty of the San Jose Channel, the route that we would follow in the morning when we headed north.

Darrell contemplates life at the waters edge.
Any guesses as to what the guys are discussing? It's not about doing the BASH.
True Love?  A view-to-die-for?
We decided it was a nice place to visit, but distant ports called us to move forward.

Mystic, Tapatia, and Ana continue the walk as D and I prepared to pull up the hook and travel north towards Los Gatos in pursuit of a fresh lobster dinner.

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