Monday, May 23, 2011

Dining Al Fresco in San Evaristo

Reservations are required, more or less, for a 6 pm seating at the "one and only" Cantina at San Evaristo. Don't let the "Pacifico" sign fool you, only canned Modela is to be had, often served slightly warm. There is only one thing on the menu -the freshest of fresh fish, straight off a panga, served along side beans and rice. Simply delish and cooked happily by Lupita, the wife of a fisherman and mother to 4 happy children. 
We invited our friends from mv/Mystic to join us for Al Fresco dining on shore. Girls always appreciate a night off from the galley.

Darrell and Betsy arrive in time for dinner
The setting; a newish palapa, a fishing panga, and the cantina. All the ingredients necessary for fine dining in San Evaristo. Darrell and I are repeat customers. We had visited San Evaristo early in the Fall (see San Evaristo Blog) and had immediately taken to the place. At that time, we had met Ernesto (in the middle) and his younger brother, and gave them some "bubbles" that I had brought to Mexico for such an occasion. We shared some good laughs with them playing with the bubbles. This time I decided pass along some shark toys given to me by my 4 year old nephew, Trevor. Get it? Shark toys from El Tiburon. Of course, once again the kiddos were delighted and grateful.
Ernesto and friends play with toys from El Tiburon
Betsy shares a special minute with Ernesto
After a bit of laughing and story telling with the children, dinner was served. During our dinner Ernesto's dad broke away from his gathering with fellow fisherman for a bit and joined us. He brought along his new baby goat. Goats are abundant on Isla San Jose, and are an important source for milk and cheese in fishing villages.
Betsy, the well-traveled person she is, brought along a much appreciated (by me) bottle of chardonnay.
                                     Ernesto's dad brings a dinner guest to our table.
The evening can best be defined as a great cultural experience rather than a highlight in fine dining. You can get great food anywhere, but how often does an opportunity like this come along? Now I want a kid....a Baby Goat...that is! We headed back to our boats with our hearts full.  It was early to bed for El Tib and Mystic, the next morning we planned to hike over the hill in pursuit of exercise and a little exploration of a working salt mine, a desert oasis, and some seashells.

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