Monday, August 8, 2011

La Playa Beach Mermaid

One more of my favorite mermaids can be found gracing 
the picket fence gate to La Playa Beach on Shelter Island, San Diego.
La Playa Beach is a people-friendly-dog-off-leash pathway that faces a sweet little anchorage flanked by two yachts clubs; the SDYC and the SWYC. Spark and I have a daily ritual, he runs, chases the ball, and swims here while I walk and smell the roses. 
Our walk starts just outside the Diego Yacht Club.
Picture perfect homes that remind me on being on Martha's Vineyard.
Climbing White Iceberg Roses, some of my favorites to grow. 
The "end" of the path leads to the Southwestern Yacht Club. Then it's time to either carry on north to the long stretch of Point Loma beach or turn around and walk back for a bit more garden-peeping and arrive home in time for cocktail hour. Our late afternoon walks are my most important part of the day. My private time to "Zen-it". But, the beauty and peace I find here makes its hard to untie the dock lines, but I am confident that El Tiburon will take us to some new picturesque spots in the Channel Islands to explore.

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