Friday, August 12, 2011

Time to Go Sailing

Our decision to B-A-S-H El Tiburon up the coast to avoid the sweltering summer heat in Mexico was a good one. Shelter Island in San Diego was just what we wanted; near perfect weather, dog-friendly beaches, gracious yacht clubs with some of the most beautifully restored boats we've ever laid our eyes on, cheap fish tacos, and plenty of fireworks. And best yet, everything a sailor needs for boat projects is within walking distance. After 2 months of working and playing, it's time for us to get some sea air in our lungs and bow spray on El Tib. We are heading out to Santa Catalina Island to meet up with some other "Baja Bashers" and sail a bit further north to Santa Barbara for another Basher reunion. In late October we return to Mexico. 
"Oh, Oh Mexico, sounds so sweet, we sure wanna go". 

Easterly, a lovely example of Maine Lobster Boat . 
The owner does his own varnishing.
My personal favorite, a Kettenberg 1946, named Selene.....Perfection.
A Saturday night wedding at the SDYC, the wedding party arrived on board of Pau Hana, an Offshore 48. We weren't invited, but we danced on the El Tib's stern to fantastic live music featuring Frank, Bobby D, Aretha, and Elvis!
There's no shortage of activity here, remote-controlled sailboats off 
El Tiburon's portside.
More weekend boating activities, complete 
with dancing girls on the bow. 

So now you know WHY Darrell and his 2 crew BASHED the boat north for the summer.

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