Friday, November 18, 2011

The Truth Be Told

Spark enjoys our digs at Sunset Cliffs

Our view north to Ocean Beach
The truth be told, we are spending the first half of the cruising season in San Diego, anxiously awaiting the OK to migrate south with all our sailing friends. It's true, Darrell and his buddies, Chip (Miss Teak) and Pat (Commodore at Morro Bay Yacht Club) had a great time taking El Tiburon down to warmer waters in Baja. Darrell then flew back to San Diego to wait on me hand and foot (literally) while I recover from surgery for a melanoma and consequent skin graft. I guess skin grafts on the foot are tricky and require nearly of month of patience for all involved. The good news is I am now cancer free. 

The woman who lived in a shoe
To all my fair-skinned-blonde-haired-sun-loving friends - Melanomas (black tumors) are the result of sunburns before we turn 20 years old. They lie lurking below the surface of the skin and then show their ugly selves decades latter. So please, get those beautiful bodies scanned by your doctor annually. My doctor told me that waiting another 4 months for surgery would have ensured dire consequences for me and my cruising career, or any career for that matter. Invest in a good sunscreen, and reapply frequently.

Beauty Heals: A magnificent sunset
Believing strongly that Beauty Heals, I found us a 2 bedroom spot right on a private beach at Sunset Cliffs in Point Loma while I remain horizontal for the month. It's not Mexico, but it's not too shabby with a fireplace, hot tub, a green lawn for Spark, and a continuous show outside our bedroom for me.  Sailboats gliding by, surfers catching perfect waves, diving pelicans fishing on the reef, and dolphins leaping for joy. I can hear, see and smell the crashing surf all day. We have even enjoyed more than a couple of Green Flash sunsets. 

Sparky does his thing
The best part is we have been blessed with good friends that come to entertain us and others that write and call to keep our spirits up. We go to sleep every night laughing with Steven Colbert and thanking our Lucky Stars.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and God Bless
Red sky at night complete with a brilliant green flash


  1. Very nicely said and love the pictures.

    Happy Thanksgiving.


  2. Oh, it sounds like you found a wonderful place to recover and heal. Melanoma is scary stuff - glad that you caught it. Enjoy your R&R and your wonderful view! Miss you!

  3. Do you think positive thinking has anything to do with the way you are??? xoxo so happy you are better. Love you!