Monday, February 27, 2012

SPARKY: Back By popular Demand!

The Famous Sailing Viszla 
I love to swim, with or without a tennis ball.
Sarah told me that my single post on the El Tiburon blog last year, “Sparky’s Perspective”, has generated more hits than any other entry. So fans, back by popular demand, here I am. 

Yo! Tis, me, Sparky. Spark of Life!

Sometimes known as Chispa or Chispita to my Mexican friends.

The other day while Sarah and I were walking along the marina some sailors we had never seen before stopped and asked, “Is that the famous Sparky”? Darrell and Sarah always laugh when I am recognized, but I think they are starting to get used to it. From San Francisco to Barra Navidad I have made some good pals. We sniff and run and bark, that is, the canines and me. The humans prefer to call out my name, pat me on the head, or throw the ball for me, and some toss me a biscuit.

Here’s some of my friends.

First, there's Molly. She lives with Sarah's friend Ana in La Paz. I am a tad bit speedy for her.
Molly can steal your heart
This was a friendly Basset Hound I met on the beach at Chamela. He was headed to South America in an RV with his humans.

Sometimes I don’t get their name, just their scent. 
No matter, the only really important thing is,The Chase!

They were fast, but not fast enough
Built for speed
No one can catch me, I’m too fast. Just like a race horse.
And that's from Ocean Beach, San Diego to the Mexican Riviera.

My life isn’t always a picnic at the beach. That sail down the Baja Pacific Coast got snotty, and I shook like a leaf, even hyperventilated I was so scared. I panted so hard that Darrell bought a Ford Expedition just to drive me back and forth from San Diego to La Paz. 
I like smooth sailing. Like Banderas Bay, it’s perfect for me and my Boo Boo. My Boo goes everywhere with me.

Me and my Boo-Boo, and Darrell too.
And I mean, everywhere I go, my Boo goes.
My bed at Cabo Pulmo
Me and Boo at home aboard El Tiburon
Well Fans, all that writing has exhausted me. Next time, I'll tell you all about my brand new International Serenity Airstream Sarah and Darrell bought me. We are going to the Pacific Northwest and the Canadian Rockies this summer. And yes, Boo Boo is coming too!


  1. Like mother like son. Or, like father like son, or like dog, like parents. Sparky, Twinkle and Blaze :-) Thank goodness you all hang around water or you could be dangerous.

  2. love you Sparky and your salty sea dogs stories, more please xx
    love Kim

    what's happened to Darrell's hand??

  3. Sparky, your writing just keeps getting better and better!

  4. Hello! I learned about your blog from Susan Branch. :) Our family loves vizslas! They are a breed apart! We have had two family vizslas...and hope to have more. Thank you for sharing Sparky with us. C. Hisayasu/So. California