Sunday, March 11, 2012

It's Time To Count Our Blessings!

We knew it was time for a radical intervention in our lives when friends in Marina La Cruz would pass by and give us a sad look, shake their heads, and offer sympathy. Secretly, I think some of them are afraid to get too close to us, afraid they may catch some of our bad luck. Some snickered and said we should fly the yellow Q flag from our spreaders alerting people we are quarantined.
Medicinal Rum
Can’t blame them really. We were even thinking of getting some yellow crime scene tape and wrapping around our slip. Bad Ju-Ju, Evil Spirits, Karma, what ever you want to call it had been plaguing us since November when Sarah was diagnosed with a melanoma on her foot. Our departure to Mexico was delayed, but Sarah was recovering well from her skin graft. Happy to be back aboard El Tiburon in La Paz we prepared to cross the Sea to Puerto Vallarta. It was smooth sailing (and some motoring) all the way. Unfortunately, shortly after arriving in Marina La Cruz Sarah started experiencing significant right shoulder pain. Two cortisone shots did nothing, NADA. Then her left shoulder decided to rebel as well. Next, her knee went on the blitz (knee effusion and required frequent daily ice packs, elevation, and constriction. In the meantime, Airstream delivered the wrong 25 foot custom travel trailer we ordered for our summer trip to the Canadian Rockies. With all those events more or less settled, we took off south for Manzanillo. Fifty miles into our trip El Tiburon’s transmission fan gave up the ghost and we required a tow from a fellow cruiser back to La Cruz. Our floating home was immobile for 2 weeks while we waited for parts from the USA to be delivered and our Mexican mechanic, Fabian, to perform his magic. Ready, Set, Go Again. Finally, we might actually get to the Mexican Riviera, but once again, fate intervened.  Darrell fractured his right hand while using a power tool to haul a friend up his 70 foot mast. D is now in a cast for several weeks. In the meantime, Sarah’s shoulders, hip, and knee deteriorated. Diagnosed with Viral Arthritis, most likely triggered by one of the 3 immunizations given to Sarah prior to leaving for Mexico. This chain of events in little over 2 months had us crying “uncle” and left us wondering what the heck we had done to displease the "powers that be".

Did we really need the Q flag? Or Yellow CSI Tape?
Not prone to whining, we acknowledged that we are indeed fortunate.  We agreed that suffering a few “minor” misfortunes in La Cruz de Haunacaxtle in beautiful Banderas Bay is a far better lot than working in San Francisco Bay in the winter, and far far better than being homeless victims of tornadoes in the midwest! Our heartfelt sympathies to all those in the Midwest who suffered grave losses.  From this perspective, there is no doubt about it, we are blessed. No one escapes life’s curve balls, and fortunately ours have been minimal and manageable.

It’s time to count our blessings, and they are many
  • A Good strong ship, El Tiburon is
  • Two soul mates who have found true love, that would be me and D
  • An ambassador loved by all, of course that’s Sparky
  • Family ties to our brothers and sisters and their families
  • Thoughtful and caring friends
  • A life of our own design based on Voluntary Simplicity
  • Everyday we are surrounded by swaying palms, tropical breezes, and sparkling seas
  • We are thankful for our strong minds, and are resolved to strengthen our bodies.
  • Our ability to afford good medical treatment 
  • Dr. Pablo Robles, our Mexicano orthopedic surgeon has been great

We also took a proactive approach to reverse our run of “bad luck”.  A small gathering of friends listened to Darrell’s plea for protection and safety to the “powers that be”. For an extra measure, a rum offering was made to Neptune.

Darrell, Seabird, Oceanaire, and Alex II Toast Neptune
We are grateful to to all of those neighbors who have offered words of kindness and helpful deeds. Medical house calls by fellow cruisers (Cheers to doctors Lou, Mel, and Chris), ice packs, dinners, homemade brownies, and Predisone have been greatly appreciated. Our good friend Dr. Lambert from Montecito also delivered thoughtful care via the internet. Kudos to the fabuloso Dr. Pablo Robles, a Puerto Vallarta orthopedist and consummate gentleman.
Outstanding Physician Bedside manners are alive and well in La Cruz!

Mucho Amor!

Life is Good!


  1. Hope your run of bad luck is over and that you are both on the mend!

  2. So sorry you guys have been under the weather, but I have a feeling the rum offering will do the trick. I made it back up the Baja and am currently hanging out in LA, catching up with all my homies. Sorry Sparky and I didn't get a chance to meet in La Paz, hopefully somewhere else down the road!