Sunday, March 18, 2012

MEXORC presents the Ragatta Copa Mexico

“El Viento Nunca Impluso Tanta Pasion”! 

The Wind Never Drove So Much Passion!” 
Everything sounds better in Spanish, yes?

Miramar from the SDYC was berthed at the end of our dock

Presidente Calderon arrives
Ragatta Copa Mexico is a world class sailing event organized by the Mexican Racing Circuit and sponsored by Marina La Cruz. It is a big deal, a Very Big Deal and Very Fun! Doing what Mexico does best, having fun while working hard. The extravaganza kicked-off with 50 J 24‘s for a week of racing, along with a windsurfing competition. Next, the Big Boats arrived in full force. Presidente Caleron, a sailor himself, helicoptered in to fire the gun for the start the Regatta Copa. As expected, there was a huge presence of armed military men stationed all around the marina which added to the magnitude and glitter of the regatta’s significance.

The Sled - Vincitore means Winner in Italian
Needless to say, it’s been wild around Marina La Cruz. Boats of all sizes, plenty of happy music, fireworks, and men and women joining together for the love of sailing. Banderas Bay is home to Puerto Vallarta and is one of the largest natural bays in the world. Banderas Bay has some of the finest, smoothest, warmest sailing to be found anywhere.  The Bay also offers plenty of sea life including humpback whales, sandy golden beaches, tropical sunsets, gentle breezes, warm hospitable people, as well as fine dining. It’s no wonder sailors raced over 1,000 miles from the San Diego Yacht Club to get here.  A contingency of Mexicanos raced north from the Acapulco Yacht Club. That made for a heck of a lot of big shiny sleds arriving en masse to Marina La Cruz.

Alchemy, an Andrews 68' took 1st place
What a hunk of Gorgeous Rail Meat!  An outstanding composition of tan, strong, lean, well-toned bodies of both genders, of all ages, and different nationalities in animated conversations with thick English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Kiwi accents.

Blue Blazes

We have been fortunate to have El Tiburon slipped on the same dock centered in the hub of activity with a bird’s eye view of all the commotion and camaraderie. Perhaps you can see El Tib’s orange kayak (3rd photo down) in the right-hand corner just behind Cazador, the closest we’ll ever get to the sailing "Hall of Fame”.

The Hub
Cazador Rail Meat! Yum!
El Tib lurks in the background. Hint, orange kayak

 Fred celebrates getting in port after a long sail south

Fred, our San Diego amigo from Tapatai, raced down on Cazador. Nine guys for nearly a week on a 52 Transpac sled with only hammocks for sleeping. Precious space is required for a full compliment of sails. A crew of 15 skilled sailors earned Cazador a third place win in the week race! Very Sweet! Fred is not only handsome, charming and fun, but is a very talented racer with decades of experience. This man loves to sail, he will compete aboard Sabrina in the Newport Beach Yacht Race to Cabo next month. We are honored that Fred has agreed to BASH north to San Diego aboard El Tiburon June 1 with Darrell. Personally, I think, as much as Fred loved the racing, he was most anxious to return home to his Lucky Penny.

Darrell takes off with friends aboard Manuela

Darrell was a lucky guy to join gracious hosts Chris and Manuela, along with Lou and Marge from Seabird, aboard MANUELA, a brand spanking new Hylas 56, for an up-close and personal view of the last day of the race. Then they peeled off to anchor at Punta de Mita for a lazy lunch and swim. Spark stayed home to watch over me and my improving case of viral arthritis. GRRRR.....

Wave Bye-Bye
Spark and I ambled back to El Tib for an afternoon nap amidst an aftermath of gear, too heavy to win a race, flooding the docks. 

Gear to heavy to win the Copa Ragatta
Fun was had by all, and we are grateful to have been on the sidelines.

Yet another reason we LOVE Mexico!

J World's Hula Girl prepares to race
Carpe Diem! 

Oh Yawn. I am so over it. I am exhausted. I need a cold drink.

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  1. Lots of excitement for sure! La Cruz is sure growing up!