Saturday, June 2, 2012


Yelapa River-Muy Tranquila
As El Tiburon makes her way north out of harms way for hurricane season, Spark and I wait patiently in Tranquila for Darrell, Pat, and Art to bring our gal safely home. I am missing her, missing Darrell, and Spark, D and me together.  And I am missing Mexico. I am filled with bittersweet memories of a country I have grown to love almost as much as my native United States of America. Truth be told, while the good old USA is in my DNA, Mexico makes my heart sing. It’s not me, it’s her nature.

Chacala offers plenty of cold cervezas under shady palapas
Nowhere I have ever lived casts its magic on me like Mexico.  She is bright colors and perfumed flowers. She is long stretches of white sand beaches with $2.00 cervezas served under the shade of palapas. Tuba music blares over loud speakers encouraging patrons to stay awhile for another round of shrimp tacos. She is warm waters teaming rich with sea life. Her people hard working and gracious. Her firework fiestas and habit-forming spicy food have me addicted. 

Boughs of Bougainvillea bloom wildly at a Costalegre Resort
Her painted red sky sunsets with lavender skies remind me of my insignificance in the big scheme of things. Mexico teaches me about living life to the fullest.

A painted sky at Ensenada de los Muertos, Baja 

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  1. Missing Mexico too. One of these days, we will be back!