Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Colors of Mexico

Electric Bras on display at the Manzanilla Market

New Years PiƱata at El Corazon
Everywhere you go the dazzling Colors of Mexico scream out the vibrant, passionate nature of her spirit. From her majestic landscapes to her divine sunsets, to her stained glass churches, to the neon colored casitas there is little doubt that Mexico will tickle all your senses, as well as leave an unforgettable impression in your heart. Her colorful history fuels a creative pulse that has produced great works of art, literature, music, and firework-inspired fiestas that rock your soul. Viva Mexico!

Brightly glazed pottery at a street faire in Sayulita
Children with Disabilities Rehabilitation Center in La Paz, Baja
The above example of the use of color in Mexico combines a sense of Fun for children with creative architecture. To add to its stunning presentation, the Center is perched at the waters edge on the bright blue Sea of Cortez in La Paz, Baja California Sur.

The use of vivid colors combined with innovative architecture throughout Mexico is a real attention getter. From the simplest casitas to grande mega-million dollar compounds overlooking the Pacific Ocean on the Mexican Riviera the visual effect is not easily forgotten. Even in the small fishing village of San Evaristo a canary colored wall transforms two ordinary wooden ladders into a smashing display of art.

Contrasting colors and textures in San Jose del Cabo
A private home, Casa Azul, greets yachties as they arrive in the anchorage at Careyes.
Next door to the famous Careyes Hotel is a smaller boutique hotel at Playa Rosa. Simple palm thatched cottages painted hot pink dazzle guests. Those fortunate enough to find this slice of heaven can swim in the warm waters off the resort's pale pink sandy beach. Superb.

Playa Rosa Casita
My most favorite casita is on Banderas Bay at La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. This magical little hideaway has magenta bougainvillea that climbs terra-cotta walls with two casitas. One bright yellow casita with hot pink shutters and one yellow with turquoise trim, both open to a lushly landscaped terrace with a small pool on a sandy beach. Swaying green palms stand tall framing sapphire waters creating a sense that "ALL IS WELL". I wanna live here.

Sarah's Dream Casa
Huichol Indian
It was at the Sunday morning farmer's market in Marina La Cruz that we were first introduced to the Huichol Indians and their intricate handicrafts. The Huichols still wear their colorful native dress and sell their crafts in order to support their native way of life.
Intricate Yarn Paintings document the Huichol's spiritual beliefs.
Murals, both hand painted and stained glass depict Mexican folklore, history, and religion. The first is a socialism-inspired mural painted by students in 1933 which hangs in the Casa de Cultura in Todos Santos. The second eye popping mural commemorating Semana Santa (Holy Week) was found painted on a crumbling brick wall in a residential neighborhood in La Paz. 
A 1933 socialism inspired mural
A riveting mural of Jesus found in a La Paz neighborhood
Mison Nuestra del Senora de Pilar at Todos Santos
From the sacred to the temptingly delicious, color imbues every facet of life in Mexico with mucho gusto! 

Few can resist this temptation 
Or this one.....

My New Years dinner at El Corazon in La Paz

While the above displays of color may be inspired by passions, history, or religion, it is perhaps nature herself that deserves the prize when it comes to orchestrating the finest manifestation of Color!

Red Sky at Morning Sailors Take Warning - our sunrise as we made way from Ensenada de los Muertos to La Paz.

Nature Reigns Supreme

For me, the Colors of Mexico, are one big giant present topped off with a fancy bow, just like these Christmas gift wrappings sold on the streets of La Paz.

Nuff Said!


  1. Stunning post!! Love it!

  2. You have a great eye for color, and the feel of Mexico. We wish we were there, soon! Just bought a new boat, next year maybe... Lisa and Leif

  3. Great collection of pictures, Sarah! What a colorful world we live in!

  4. What an amazing set of photographs of Mexico - they are beautiful. They make me miss Mexico even more - you guys too!