Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ensenada - Renewal, Refreshment, and Refurbishing

Ensenada has been a pleasant surprise. Marina Coral definitely lives up to it’s reputation for service and comfort. Hilda in the Marina office is fantastic, and Jesus is too. The hotel/spa/marina is complete with indoor and outdoor pools, steam baths and saunas, and a first class restaurant. Of course, in the Mexico Resort tradition, lush gardens with green lawns, colorful flowers, and swaying palms grace the property. 

Getting set up for the AWESOME Aleks Syntek Concert

Darrell, always a Happy Man in Mexico, is ordering up our sushi dinner.

My first night back on El Tiburon, El Coral Hotel sponsored a concert with Aleks Syntek. WOW. He was fantastic, played just about every instrument imaginable, and is a first rate performer. The audience ate it up, and so did we. We also ate up some pretty delicious sushi with a good red wine from a nearby vineyard a few miles outside of Ensenada. Our sushi, was stupendous! A half of mushroom cap filled with spicy marlin and then fried in a tempura batter! OH MY, it’s so good to be back in Mexico.

Doesn't that look just FABULOSO!?!

Spark’s pretty content to be back aboard too, it took him less than 2 minutes to find his Boo Boo and jump up on our bed for a nap.

Nuestra Senora del Carmen and Spark at Baja Naval

Most of our 5 day visit in Ensenada will be spent at Baja Naval Marina and Boatyard. Overlooking the travel lift at the marina is Nuestra Senora del Carmen, the Virgin Patron of de Los Marineros, who blesses and protects mariners with calm seas so they may return safely home. And that’s Sparky standing guard over the whole affair. So far our experience as Baja Naval has been the professional and thoughtful service we have heard about from other sailors. For El Tib it is like old home week- she received good care here in her prior life with her previous owners. After 2 years on the “road” El Tib’s sorry ass bottom news some fresh paint. A few other projects will also be completed and we are thinking of a bit of redecorating. New Countertops and leather upholstery will make her pretty swish.

El Tiburon looking pretty good even before her spa treatment.

While El Tib enjoys 3 days of spa treatment at Baja Naval, Darrell, Spark and I are hanging out a couple of blocks down the street at Corona Hotel and Spa. It’s convenient and has the necessary equipment for us to be satisfied, a pool, a jacuzzi, and a good restaurant. After indulging in the two former pleasures we ended up at their Veleros Restaurant and treated ourselves to a Caesar salad, prepared artfully at our table, topped with some grilled chicken. We tried to eat a bit more healthy after downing huevos rancheros, frijoles, and fried hash browns at breakfast with fresh squeezed Hugo de Naranjo. Also gotta give kuddos to Mario, our yard manager, at Baja Naval for driving us around town to look for granite for new countertops for El Tiburon. Our tour included a stop at a busy intersection for street tacos - fresh fish - another, Oh So Good, that makes leaving Mexico for the summer, Oh So Hard!

Fresh Baja Fish Street Tacos

But, leave we will, because we have a Summer Solution. We are pretty smug these days thinking that after 2 years of racking our brains out for a good life plan for the next couple of years, we came up with a great solution. El Tiburon for our sea adventures and Tranquila for land cruising. Better pinch ourselves, say a few Hail Mary’s, and always remember to be grateful for our blessings. 

Got Granite?
Cutting a hunk off for a sample

When we return to Mexico in September this granite slab will morph into counters for the galley and the 2 heads. It's a bit of weight, but since removing a 60 gallon water tank and the honking heavy old Glacier Bay refrigerator compressor (we opted for a Frigaboat system and a Spectra watermaker) we should have no problem gliding along in seas at our normal speed. Something to look forward to when we get back on board.

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  1. So happy that the crew of El Tiburon are all back together and love the plan of cruising land and sea. A perfect solution. You guys done good!