Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Land Yacht Vacation, A Different Kind of Cruising

Taking a summer break from El Tiburon in the new Land Yacht, Tranquila.
2012 Airstream International Serenity 25'

Port side, a tight fit for Tranquila. Getting her snugged away in this spot was a bit like Lucy and Desi in "The Long Long Trailer". Fortunately, years of maneuvering El Tiburon into slips with crosswinds helped prepare us for parking the land yacht.

Starboard side of Tranquila, nicely camouflaged in the Silver Creek Campground on the Truckee River outside of Tahoe City. We just can't seem to get too far away from water.

We'll be back on board El Tib in Ensenada by the end of September.
In the meantime, you can follow our Glamping experiences at


  1. I thought we were the only ones that watched the Long, Long Trailer - loved that show! Glad you are all tucked in and enjoying the beauty.

  2. Hi Darrell & Sarah!
    Glad to see you finally got your land yacht! It's beautiful..don't know how you were able to squeeze it into that spot...even Lucy and Desi would be proud!
    Glad you're enjoying life!

  3. Hi there just saw you had some questions about Bahamas on our blog, a bit late I know! - send me an email and I will do my best to answer