Friday, November 2, 2012

An Impromptu Road Trip

First snowfall.

Under a blanket of thick fog aboard El Tiburon we motored 60 miles north to San Diego for a bit of R and R, as well as a pit stop at Driscoll's Boatyard. We ran into Richard and Dona aboard Profligate in their regular slip, they were gearing up for their 19th Baja Ha-Ha. We just may join them for the 20th next fall. In the meantime, our plan was to head out to Santa Catalina for a few days. As often happens with us, we got a bit sidetracked, got the car loaded up and drove to the Sierra to see the first (EARLY) snow fall of the season. Climbing nearly 8,000 feet at Donner Summit Spark saw and felt his first snow. Tucked his tail between his legs he did! He'll have to get used to it. 

We settled into a quaint little room at the River Pine Inn and frequented our favorite restaurants for a couple of three days. Yep, we are still on the prowl for a mountain house. Empty-handed with money still in the bank we headed down Highway 395 towards El Tiburon in San Diego. Mono Lakes, Bishop, Big Pine, and Lone Pine deserve much more exploring. The sunrise at Mount Whitney Portal was spectacular, and Darrell's fond memories of ice climbing at the Palisades is calling him to return. I'm definitely in! We stopped and stood in awe at the legendary, and unfortunately late, Galen Rowell and wife Barbara's Mountain Light Gallery in Bishop. We vowed one of his large photos will one day grace the bedroom wall. i
 Monotones at Mono Lake
Sunrise at Mt Whitney 
It's easy to see why the Eastern Sierra was Galen Rowell's favorite place on Earth.

It was cold, but very beautiful at Mt Whitney Portal, 
and there is a campground for the Springtime.
Eastern Sierra south of Bishop
After a week of reconnoitering around the Sierra we 
were back aboard El Tib in 90 degree weather. 
Gotta LOVE San Diego.
Spark checks out the Shelter Island scene.
After another nine hour motor sail in calm conditions, with humpbacks and dolphins close by, we were back at home in Marina Coral.

In one week we will drive to Santa Barbara and pick-up Tranquila for some glamping at Pismo Beach and Big Sur for Thanksgiving. Like many "Tiburons" we must move to breathe.

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