Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Two More Reasons We LOVE Mexico

It's a Good start to the new week for us.
The Mexican flag flies high over the Plaza Civica

Darrell had to run into town to find some "special" screws at Aqua Mar (the marine store) to finish yet another project on El Tiburon. Without a map he was dependent upon locals for directions. First, he gets some friendly assistance from a local on the street who is trying to direct traffic into his seafood restaurant. Next, he stops at a ferreteria (hardware store) for further directions. He is greeted by Francisco, an 83 year-old man with flawless english. When he asks how he learned to speak english so well, the man answers, "I went to the Communist School in the United States." Of course, D asks, "What?" The Mexican gentleman answers, "The University of California, at Berkeley". He adds that he graduated in Electrical Engineering in 1951. Needless to say, the two of them are off and running now. After a lot of story sharing about Bezerkeley, Francisco gets out the phone book, a map, and has his assistant call information for detailed directions to Aqua Mar. D is told to go to 6th street, which is really Javier Street, and the go to 2nd Street, which is really Jaruez because everyone here calls the named streets 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc, based upon the number of blocks they are from the BIG Mexician flag that flies high over Ensenada. Darrell arrives back at El Tib an hour later with a BIG smile on his face. 
"I LOVE Mexico", he says. "Yes, I got the screws, but the real prize was at the ferreteria."

This morning it was my turn to walk Spark. His leash usually has a couple of "doggie bags" tied to it, but this morning, none. So, we go to the car where I keep zillions of the things stuffed into every pocket imaginable. Sparky tries to get into the car thinking he's going for a beach ride. Fernando, one of our favorite people who works at Marina Coral, walks by and over hears me say, "NO ride Spark, we're just getting poop bags." Fernando says to me, "We have new bags at the pet stations" (There is also 2 bowls of fresh water and a trash can). I tell him I am worried Spark may need a bag before I reach the bag dispenser. Fernando then offers to go get one for me! BTW, the distance to the pet station is more than a hop-skip, and a jump away. I feel this is way above and beyond the call of duty for him, but that is how Mexican service is here. I tell Fernando, "No thanks". Armed with plenty of doggie bags, Spark and I enjoy a walk along the rocky beach and return home a half-hour later. 
I say to Darrell, "I love Mexico" and tell him another heart-warming story about Fernando.

Don't get me wrong, we LOVE the USA, especially, California ( that's why we bought a house there today), but Mexico is special for us because of the consistent goodwill of the people.
The FLAG flying above 3 Heads Park 
Can you spot the flag from Sparky's beach?
The enormous flag is visible just about everywhere from Ensenada, 
for this reason it's is a great marker for finding our way around town.
Street Tacos at Floresta
For lunch we hopped in the car, followed the flag to downtown, turned right at the big yellow cathedral, all the while dodging noon traffic, and landed safely at our favorite street taco cart for 2 shrimp for me and 2 fish tacos for Darrell. Total Costs: $3.00. Feeling the LOVE now? Another reason we adore Mexico, the food is fantastic and cheap if you eat like the locals. Then we came back home, went for a swim and jacuzzi, and are now headed to our friends aboard Lunautica for dinner. 
Yep, Life is Good, today. And we feel blessed and are grateful for our good fortune.

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