Saturday, October 5, 2013


Heading South
While we love speeding about in our dinghy, Jaws, 
we will be traveling south aboard our Tayana 47' sailboat. 
Much more space.

Finally, after a year of El Tiburon sitting patiently in her slip at the very fine Marina Coral in Ensenada, we are headed south. We have less than a month to prepare for the voyage, which seems like a good bit of time, but we are having a bit of too much of a good time. It's just too easy to get distracted by Marina Coral's pools and jacuzzis, and dancing at the newly built cruisers lounge overlooking boats tugging at their lines anxious to go south. Meeting new friends, visiting our fav taco stands, and running Spark at the beach too often takes priority. And of course, we have to revisit the Ruta del Vino one more time.

Friends from Lunactica, Manuela, and Bula are counting on us being ready for a November 4th departure. Gotta focus, gotta focus, gotta focus, gotta go swim, gotta go eat shrimp tacos on the street, gotta focus. 
 Not easy for a couple of self-proclaimed ADHDer's. 

Multiple dock lines are necessary to hold El Tib snug 
during heavy surge.
Gotta Untie Those Lines. Gotta Go. Gotta Go. 

Profligate arrived at D Dock early this morning 
after the San Diego-Ensenada Race.
In the foreground, our neighbors gleaming 128-foot sailboat.

Profligate is a BIG 63 foot cat and she is F A S T. In 3 weeks she will lead about 170 sailboats carrying at least 400 sun-seekers south to Cabo San Lucas. Richard Spindler, San Francisco Bay sailing mag rag (Latitude 38) guru, conceived of the Baja Ha-Ha 20 years ago and has helped make cruising a reality for thousands of dreamers. We joined his crazy caravan for the 2010 Ha-Ha. So did our friends on Lunatica and Manuela, who this year, like us, prefer to take a slower and more relaxed trip south this time around. This year marks our 3rd trip south in El Tiburon. 

The marina is starting to buzz. Race boats, cruisers, and sport fishermen seem to be flocking in daily for a bit of Mexicano Hospitality. No one does it better than the Marina Coral Crowd. Fito, Cynthia, Hilda, Adam the Gate Keeper, dock workers, boat workers, the restaurant waiters, and on and on and on. Competent, friendly, and just plain fun. Jose Juan at the fuel dock brings Sparky stuffed toys. Sure, Mexico's warm waters, abundant fish, cold beer, and swaying palms on long stretches of beaches draw us here, but it is the people that keep us here. Now the marina has come up with even more ways to entice us to stay. New landscaping, new luxe bathhouses, party tents, and a gorgeous new spot to gather, an outdoor lounge featuring local music and spicy fried chicken wings! With increasing numbers of boaters here there should be plenty of good cruiser camaraderie enhanced by icey-cold margaritas tonight at the Cruiser's Lounge. I suspect, lots of dancing and laughing will abound as well. I'll keep you posted.

We are in good company at Marina Coral, Profligate and Jagare, 
with the University standing proud high on the hill.

Did I mention Darrell is racing in the Around Todos Santos Race tomorrow with new friends on their San Francisco based Catalina 470, Agave Azul? Followed by a melt-in-your-mouth filet mignon dinner at Ensenada's finest steak restaurant, Sanos. Should be good fun with a fleet of SoCal boats coming down on the San Diego - Ensenada Race. Turns out the race was somewhat of a bust, no wind and then BOOM at 3am 35 knots of warm Santa Ana wind on the nose. Hope the weather gods are kinder to us next month.

Agave Azul flies the bright yellow Ha-Ha 2013 flag.

F O C U S.....maƱana.

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