Sunday, October 6, 2013

RACE DAY - Around Todos Santos

Under brilliant blue skies, and NO WIND, the crew of Agave Azul gets ready to leave Marina Coral and head out to the start line. After a brief orientation to Agave Azul's mechanics, the crew cast off happy and confident that the wind would pick up by noon. By 10am, I thought the weather was already too hot with little promise of wind. Always the pessimist, at least when weather is concerned.

Happy Crew; Captains Robin and Kathryn, Darrell, and Zack

Sparky's familiar cry, "Take Me,Take Me"!

Again. You are leaving me. AGAIN.
Spark and I returned to El Tib to rest up for the After Party tonight at Sanos Steak House.

El Tiburon's brightly polished stern.

It's common knowledge around marinas that I am not much of a racer. I prefer to be on a broad-reach under 15 knots of breeze heading to a quiet anchorage to read, swim, and stare over the horizon. I also don't like to race El Tiburon, she is so shiny and pretty after a new paint job that I don't want any other boats ripping through the water towards her as they round some mark. Darrell is always encouraged to race on friends boats, while Spark and I relish quiet time alone. Later today, before the race is over and all the boats come storming back into port, I will pretend I am at anchorage. Swim in the hotel's infinity pool, shower at the spa, play a little scrabble, and toss the ball for Spark. Then we will both snooze a bit and be ready to play when D comes home. Of course, he'll want to nap.
Such is life. And it's a good one. I am grateful.

P.S. The weather turned out to be prefect, the warm Santa Ana turned into a lovely fresh breeze from the north. Lots of spinnaker activity coming come. Happy Sailors.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day - for all of you!