Sunday, October 20, 2013


We have two lives, two good lives. One foot firmly planted on the ground in the Sierra, and the other dipped in warm pacific saltwater in Mexico. Two worlds, United States of America and Mexico. Two Lives, Two Loves. Yin and Yang. Most days they are seamless, overlapping effortlessly. Other days, I feel a tug at my heartstrings.

I am homesick. Yesterday I was settled in, loved being on the boat, and loved being in Mexico. Today, the wind is up, the air is cool, and El Tib is tugging on her lines anxious to sail south to warmer waters. Instead of dreaming about distant anchorages, I am missing my home and my family. 
Terra Firma
 Meadow Scene
Late Summer Bales of Hay 
Fences Make Good Neighbors
One of My Neighbors Last Winter

Don't get me wrong, I love being on the water. 
And being in the water.
After all, I moved to a place with 50 lakes just outside my backdoor.

My Favorite Spot
My Other Favorite Spot
Spark Loves Our Lakes Too.
Water Babies
Being in nature grounds me. It affirms my existence. It gives me a sense that all is well on our crazy planet. If only for a brief moment in time. Family ties keep me sane when I realize the world has gone wacko. All of our trials and tribulations, celebrations and differences, ups and downs, are the grist of life. Struggles and dreams. Laughter and Tears. That is what I am missing today. My Family. Mi Familia.

Go Trevor!

Every family event is recorded. Soccer games, Halloween, birthdays, picnics, or just about any other gathering. We are a family that loves not only candid photos, but staged group pictures. The memories are not the photographs themselves, but the assembling of a dozen people, big and small, old and young. We eat, and laugh, and gossip, and argue politics, but mostly we take pictures. Pictures that show our love.
Cheering Tevor on at his T-Ball game.

Big family portraits are rare because we all have busy lives. I live in Mexico part time and one of my beautiful nieces lives in Canada. My nephew lives in Santa Monica. Yep, SoCal.  We are a NorCal family. So, when we are all together in one spot at the same time, it's a really big deal and is imperative we get the entire family on film. Like most things in life, the process was more fun than the final result.

Getting Ready
Are We Ready Yet?
The weirdest part is, that after the picture was taken, I realized there are no elders present. Then, I realized my brother, sister, and I are the elders. When the hell did that happen? To me we all look like children. Miss you Dad, Miss you Mother. You did good.
Our future is bright.
Doing what we do best, Hanging Out

Yin. Yang. I feel the pull. 

Breathe.   Breathe.   Breathe. 

I am my family. 

But, I am also a a sailor, and the Sea of Cortez awaits.
El Tiburon at rest at Los Gatos


  1. Thank you for sharing the part of your life that we don't usually see. I'm sure you speak for many of us who love our cruising lives and yet miss family and friends we have left behind. Robin and I are here creating new family - so happy you have become part of it so soon!